Tips and Secrets-Getting YOUR body ready for that BIG DAY


Wedding day, auditions, vacations…..all these are potential triggers for those wanting to get in to tip top shape and can be the catalyst to get you there. Hopefully, the habits adopted trying to get into wedding day shape or the shape you need when auditioning to be an NBA dancer, for example, transpires to a healthy, lifelong lifestyle. I get A LOT of inquiries about this and I LOVE helping men and women reach their amazing potential in a balanced, healthy way.

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In this article, I am going to uncover some of my tips when trying to lose fat, tighten up and also last minute secrets for looking your best on that day.

Recently, I had the privilege of working with the Suns Dance team, as they were getting ready for their auditions. For that day, they not only have to be in awesome shape physically but must also have the cardiovascular health needed to get through dance routines. So when you know you have an audition day or photo shoot coming up make sure you give yourself enough time. Anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks if you need a little more time to tighten up …but many of these tips can be incorporated 4 weeks out from that big day.

This Is ANOTHER reason why it is so important to stay in good shape year round.

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Here are some tips when getting ready for a BIG audition or photo shoot:

  1. Start incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training): No need to spend hours in the gym. Allot anywhere from 25-40 min of HIIT training with a variety of resistance exercises, sprints, plyos.
  2. Lift weights: not only do they shape the body but they help burn more calories then just doing cardio- also you want a TIGHT, TONE body not a skinny one.
  3. Put focus on areas that is of importance (ex. ABS, GLUTES, TONE LEGS): if you know that you are going to be wearing nothing but a sports bra and little shorts then focus on those areas. Granted, you cannot spot reduce but you can put a little more emphasis on those areas so they are strong.

Wedding day shape is another inquiry a get A LOT of. You want to look your very best on that big day. Lots of pictures and video are being taken that will last a lifetime so naturally you want to look and feel your very best. Again, everything I suggest will get you in shape for that day but I also feel that a healthy lifestyle long term is the best thing to do.

  1. Start incorporating HIIT (same as above)
  2. Circuit training for the arms with an emphasis on shoulder and back: You will be wearing a wedding dress baring your arms or back…so put a little more emphasis on shaping the arms.
  3. Lots of core exercises: Helps with posture and again helps your silhouette in your dress. – yoga, pilates, barre classes are all really good for this in addition to core, functional training on your own.

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  1. Start adding freshly squeeze lemon in your water every morning and night: helps to detox.
  2. Cycle carbohydrates: Rotate carb every other day…could spike and trigger metabolism.
  3. Start adding foods that aid in flushing some water from your body: cucumbers, asparagus etc.
  4. Week of event: limit carbs and start adding more protein and fats. Also, limit sodium couple days before event.


I hope all of these tips and secrets help you when you begin your training for that BIG DAY. But, remember that all of these suggestions are suggestions and every BODY is different…try what works for you and most importantly DO NOT GO TO EXTREME measures. You will get there….consistency and hard work pay off!


GOOD LUCK and thank you for reading,


Felicia Romero

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