These are the Most Popular Workouts in Arizona

A new study has revealed the five most popular workouts in Arizona.

Online fitness website Total Shape used average monthly Google searches to find the most popular fitness activities in each state. By finding the number of specific fitness classes searched for in each region, they were able to identify the biggest fitness classes in each state. 

Ranked number one both in Arizona and nationally is boxing. This high-intensity sport works to train muscle and burn calories. The sport of boxing dates all the way back to the Olympics in Ancient Greece, though hand-to-hand combat has always existed between humans. Phoenix is home to dozens of boxing gyms, even ones specifically for women

The second most popular workout in Arizona is pilates, a low-impact exercise designed to help both mind and body. Pilates was invented by physical trainer Joseph Pilates in Germany during the early 20th century. The exercise is made to build flexibility, strength and control of the body, and specifically helps to build core strength. 

The third most popular workout in Arizona is dance, which is a broad category. Dance workouts can include jazzercise, Zumba, pole fitness and dance aerobics. Dancing can help to increase flexibility, stamina and strength while reducing stress and improving sleep. With so many types of dance fitness, this category has something for everyone. 

The fourth most popular exercise is HIIT, which is an acronym for high-intensity interval training. This means intensive exercise is done in short bursts between resting periods. This type of exercise is good for conditioning and increasing athletic capacity. Because HIIT can be so extreme, it’s not suitable for everyone. 

Lastly, yoga ranks number five in Arizona’s most popular workouts. Yoga, like pilates, can benefit both mind and body. Yoga uses slow movements and mindfulness to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Because of its low intensity, yoga can be done after other exercises to cool down, stretch and relax. 

Across the U.S., boxing ranks as the most popular workout with an average monthly search volume of 402,077 searches, and ranks number one in 42 states. Pilates comes in second nationally with 329,897 monthly searches, followed by dance with 259,414 searches. 

With so many varieties of fitness there is something for everyone, whether you like to hit the gym hard or take it easy with some low impact exercise.

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