Spring Detox Your Workout

Tommy Cassano, photo by MandarichStudios.com

I’m loving Spring Detox Week! So far we’ve covered loading up on lemon water, coffee enemas, juicing veggies to turbocharge your liver, oil pulling, drinking matcha tea, exfoliating and switching up your workout to reactivate your body. That’s exactly what I did yesterday; I broke out of my yoga comfort zone and did a Pilates class with Kelly at Remedy PM – my first time ever on the reformer (aka the torture chamber). Within minutes my thighs were screaming, my glutes were burning and my abs were fired up like rockets… but it was a good hurt. Kelly’s kind cues and expert guidance helped; I left walking a little taller and my hips felt more fluid than ever. Thanks Kelly!

Switching things up for spring is a must! It breaks boredom and keeps the body guessing for better results. Not sure what to try? These three Valley experts have plenty of fit ideas to get you started, and more…

Get outside!
I’m revving up my workouts to two times a day. It’s essential to get outside at least 3-4 times a week for mental clarity and fun, and continuously change up your workout so your body doesn’t adapt – so plenty of hiking, trail running and Amenzone workouts. What you eat makes up about 70 percent of your body composition and overall look, so I maintain a healthy diet of lean proteins, healthy fats and lots of veggies, especially greens. I also limit my carb intake to simple sugars like apples, berries and bananas pre- or post-workout. I also just did an Isagenix full body cleanse detox (available at Amenzone) that gave me more energy, mental clarity, and I feel fantastic. Ultimately, the most important thing about spring cleaning and getting into shape is having the right mental attitude. There’s only one person who’s going to change your mindset and your body – and that’s you!
~Tommy Cassano, Fitness Model, Trainer and Corporate Events Coordinator at Amenzone

Tommy Cassano, photo by MandarichStudios.com
Tommy Cassano, photo by MandarichStudios.com

Karve it up!

At Karve Studio North Scottsdale we are completing a 40 class in 60 day challenge. Some clients are accompanying their fitness challenge with nutritional coaching from Megan McNamee MPH, RD of Nutrition Transitions. I’m personally Karving 4-6 days a week to achieve 40 classes in 60 days combined with the 90-day Body by Vi challenge. The shakes taste amazing, and in only 9 days of drinking 2 a day combined with 3 smaller meals, I’ve seen significant changes in my physique. I’m throwing in one or two hikes up Pinnacle Peak to get in some beautiful views and cardio! I believe good skin care is also an important part of cleansing, and as a licensed medical Esthetician, I’m Dermaplaning my skin every 4 weeks combined with a Sensi peel from local AZ skin company PCA.
~Alyssa Spencer, owner Karve North Scottsdale

Alyssa at Karve North Scottsdale
Alyssa at Karve North Scottsdale

Detox with Yoga!
I look at yoga practice every day as detox. Detox physically in poses or asanas, balances and postures. Detox with the use of the breathe; long, slow and deep to open up the lungs and let the elimination process take place with our exhalations. We detox our brains when we switch from “fight or flight” reasoning (the sympathetic nervous system) to the parasympathic system. The breathing and stretching of yoga activates your parasympathetic nervous nervous system which slows you down, allows your muscles to relax, boosts immunity and can even help you sleep better. The parasympathic system also increases glutathione levels which is the mother of all antioxidants and endorphins (natural pain relievers!).  When we detox, we allow ourselves to grow, become healthier and stronger. It is a ridding or purification of the body, mind and soul in yoga practice.
~Margot Meissner, Owner of One Love Yoga at Grayhawk

One Love Yoga at Greyhawk
One Love Yoga at Greyhawk


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