Spring Cleaning YOUR Fridge!

Spring is upon us and now it is time to clean up that pantry and refrigerator! It is such an amazing feeling when you clean out all of the junk and replace with “healthier options”. I was recently on CBS News channel 5 discussing some ways to tidy up your kitchen.

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Cleaning out your refrigerator :

1. Replace mayo, high sugar sauces and dressings, ranch with ——-> guacamole, hummus, greek yogurt….you can make your own Ranch with greek yogurt and dill. Mustard is a great condiment without added sugars etc.

2. Replace your oils with——–> applesauce (you can replace your oil in your favorite recipes with applesauce and it taste great and super moist).

3. High fatty meats with ——-> leaner meats and poultry.


Cleaning out your pantry:

1. Replace chips and processed snacks with —–> fruit, nuts , popcorn, homemade snacks, baked items.

2. Try to keep fruit and healthy snacks on the counter for kids when they come home.


Want to work on strength and core? Try a workout on the Bosu ball!

1. Planks- forearms on top of ball and body in neutral position

2. Plank to pushup

3. Standing squat on ball (pic below)

4. Split squat- one leg on ball and front leg forward

5. Burpee holding Bosu ball






So give your kitchen a “spring cleaning” and start making healthier choices!

Thank you so much for reading!

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