Foam Rolling & Exercise Recovery!

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to get a massage everyday?!? Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…it’s a daily massage you can afford and it’s called Foam Rolling (aka self-myofascial release)!

Many of us (myself included) do not listen to our bodies in giving them the proper attention they need. We workout hard, stretch for 2-5 minutes after the workout, and then hit it hard again, day after day. What we need to often remind ourselves is that rest days and recovery are equally as important as your workouts themselves. You should incorporate at least 1 rest day a week if not more into your weekly workout schedule. Without rest your muscles and body can’t change and respond to your workouts. It might sound like a better option to workout hard 7 days in a row, but it can actually have a negative effect.  Overtraining and lack of proper recovery can cause a plateau in your health and fitness goals.

Ok, back to the good stuff…DAILY MASSAGE!? YES PLEASE!

First off, it’s important to know that not all foam rollers are created equal. The Grid Foam Roller from Trigger Point (in my opinion) is the best of the best! Why? They actually designed it to feel like fingers, palms & forearms. Check out the image below.

smrt-core-product12When you first start rolling it might (no it will) hurt, and the more it hurts probably means the more you need it! Get through the first few days of foam rolling and your body will feel amazing. Not only will you feel amazing, you will be able to move more and move better during your workouts and daily activities. Just remember to associate happiness with each roll 😉

Below I’m going to demo some foam rolling moves that you must try. Make sure to check out the Trigger Point YouTube Channel for more exercises and demonstrations.





Now grab a roller and get yo’ roll on!




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