Tips for Success: Time For A Little Refocus

Style: “Portrait B&W – high key”

Style: "Portrait B&W - high key"

When it comes to fitness, we all have our struggles. Even the most ardent and successful fitness junkies have moments of weakness, make no mistake about it. But what’s so awesome about these low points are what we learn about ourselves. It makes a warrior out of us, undoubtedly, and I’ve never met a single person who has aspired to look like Michelle Lewin and regretted the attempt. These journeys put things into perspective and a little refocusing is all we ever need.

Setting fitness goals and failing is like running late for work and catching every red light–it happens. With the most sincere intentions of sticking to them, we all find ourselves down in the dumps at one point or another. We have done it once or twice… maybe three or four times. But what you haven’t yet realized is that those setbacks eventually will have you hitting your breaking point and it’s at this very moment something incredible happens. It’s at this moment you find a warrior who has been shackled by overshadowing fears and unsettling doubts but a warrior who’s been unleashed to do damage.

If you take a look at some of the world’s greatest athletes they all have focus and dedication in common. To them, nothing else in the world matters and married to that goal they forever become. In 1972 when Arnold Schwarzenegger was training for Mr. Olympia, during prep his father passed away. Most famously documented in Pumping Iron, Schwarzenegger was recorded on film divulging that although he was disheartened to hear the news, he wasn’t going to be bothered with something that could negatively affect his mind for the stage–his father’s passing. Well, he won Mr. Olympia that year and many more after that…


Now, I’m not at all suggesting we grow a little less compassionate to sorrow causes. But I am suggesting you consider your level of focus and dedication. These two things alone will be the difference in failing once more or finally achieving your goals.

No one likes a self-centered friend. No one likes someone who only thinks and cares about themselves. But when there is a goal to be achieved, good friends will recognize it and even grow admiration for your unwavering attention to what sets your heart afire.

It’s time to set tunnel vision into gear. It’s time to realize that comparing and contrasting never got you anywhere before. And most importantly it’s time to notice that you are as capable as anyone else. Learn this quickly and you will love yourself more than you ever thought possible and tasting sweet victory will only drive your dreams to a point of no return.


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