Starting Your New Year Journey with Carolyn Wellington

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Written by Carolyn Wellington

January is finally here; we have completed the first week of the year. New year, new goals, new you. Over the coming months, I will be writing about a range of health and wellness topics, to help and encourage you on your 2021 health and wellness journey.

Let us begin with some of the simple changes you should look at in preparation for a better year and a bigger better you.  Planning is crucial when you want to achieve anything in life, whether it be fitness, career, relationships, health wellness, everything starts with you and your mindset.

What do you want to achieve?

Firstly, decide what you want to achieve or what you would like to improve on then write it down on paper. When you write down goals, dreams and passions, you are more likely to achieve them.

Being enthusiastic and excited about starting something new is good, but the biggest battle is to continue to feel passionate and motivated. Seeing results takes time, so working slow and steady is the most important thing.

It is important to begin where you currently are. Never compare yourself to others, do not compare your level of fitness or try to keep up with others that may have been working on their journey for some time. It is necessary to work at your own pace and own level. Also, begin with whatever you have, do not go out and buy the best equipment, or the latest designer clothes, wait until you feel that you are achieving some results, even small ones, then reward yourself.

Let me give you an example. Say that you have always wanted to join a dance class or fitness class. At first, you may not be as flexible as some of the others, you may find it difficult to remember a routine, whilst everyone else is just going through it as if they have done it all their lives. You may decide you want to do this five days a week; unfortunately, you have a busy and tight schedule, that you can only manage two days a week.

Focus and start at your own pace, at your level, ensuring it fits in with your lifestyle. Prioritize yourself and your life. Never compete with others. Remember, this is your journey, no one else’s.

Prepare your journey

When you start your health and wellness journey, you will quickly realise that some things need to change, and some things need to go. This may mean several things, for example:

  • Having a complete mindset shift
  • Changing eating patterns
  • Possibly need to declutter
  • Wake up early or go to bed earlier
  • The need to get a little fitter or become more mobile

No one tells you what you need to change or what you need to let go of it is something you decide, and it may come as a big shock and wobble you a little bit. Your plan may not be as easy as it appears written down. One word of caution, ‘DO NOT MAKE EXTREME CHANGES’, take your time.

Slow and steady, small changes daily. As you begin on your health and wellness journey, you will make changes naturally along the way. It is always a good idea to have a journal or planner running alongside your thoughts and ideas.

As you make nice steady moves forward with your new year plan, it is important to review where you are, how you feel, checking if you are on track, reflecting and evaluating every step of the way. Assessing your progress, your changes, asking are your goals realistic, achievable, but most importantly are you disciplined and committed for the journey ahead. What are your distractions?

Here is something else to be conscious of, something we never think about but dismiss very quickly. People around you are quick to judge your thoughts and ideas; if you allow others to disrupt your plans, you will never achieve them. Therefore, you must continually review, assess, and evaluate your journey and progress, dismissing negativity and external pressure.

It is good to talk about your ideas with others and hear their opinions; however, keep in mind, they are their thoughts and their views, not yours. When putting your new year plans together, maybe sit with some close friends and family and share your ideas. Listen to what they say. Ask yourself the question, ‘do they have my best interest at heart, or does it benefit them more than me?’.

Once you have discussed and put your draft plan in place, take some time out, come back to your draft a few days later, re-read it, question it and when you are happy, officially lay out your plan and set to work.

Have a good support network

Having access to a good support network is vital, but a support network that works for you, not against you. When you are low, lethargic, demotivated and listless, it is nice to have someone pick you up and help recharge your inner power. 

Carolyn offers support to help guide you on your health, wellness, fitness journey.

Join the Journal-a-Day Program by clicking on this link 

The Journal-a-Day Program helps to:

  • Plan your journey
  • Weekly motivational and transformational tasks
  • Q & A sessions
  • A private Facebook Group
  • Live video chats
  • One-to-One sessions and so much more.

Start your new year with a positive, growth mindset, stay focused, and never let go of your dreams.  Watch out for my next health and wellness article coming soon, keeping you on track throughout 2021.

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  1. Carolyn is a great mentor to have. She has great insight and is willing to help anyone in need. Her columns she writes are very inspirational and will help anyone who is willing to change.

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