Q & A: One Of The Best Plastic Surgeons In Scottsdale

Dr. Marc Malek

Dr. Marc Malek is known as one of the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale. From extensive patient care to modest natural-looking augmentations Dr. Marc Malek proves his title. Here is why Dr. Marc Malek is one of the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale:

Dr. Marc Malek
Dr. Marc Malek

Why is Dr. Marc Malek one of the best plastic surgeons in Scottsdale?

Dr. Marc Malek believes the practice of medicine is a privilege and the trust of patients is earned one patient and one result at a time. His standard is “I treat every patient like they are part of my family, and I do not run a business but take care of patients instead”. He believes If you are a good doctor and genuinely care for your patients you will be busy. This quality is extremely appreciated by his patients as they continuously trust and reward his care for them by referring their family and close friends.

What sets him apart from the competition?

Dr. Marc Malek visits with each of his patients on every single post surgical visit thereby assuring the most complete after care. He prides himself on that compulsive follow up as it is serious work that he does which requires serious and deliberate care. No one can better care for a patient than the individual who performed the procedure. “I know what to look for and can guide each patients’ recovery by identifying risks and preventing problems”. A medical practice that follows a business model tends to see patients as clients and is organized around rapid turnover to maximize a surgeon’s operative time. To the contrary, Dr. Marc Malek believes that attention to details and follow-up is the key to a successful surgical practice. These qualities truly set Dr. Marc Malek apart in the eyes of all his patients and those that visit his practice.

What is Dr. Marc Malek’s philosophy for breast augmentations?

Dr. Marc Malek has always been focused on creating more beautifully shaped breasts than simple enlarging them. Shape is truly a matter of good taste and good taste can vary dramatically between surgeons. That’s why he feels that results matter most and that each patient really needs to see the full spectrum of skills their prospective surgeon has perfected. Dr. Marc Malek keys in on proportionality. Great looking breasts should appear that way both in close and in the nude. Great results are also meant to last so he recommends not only what will look best but will last longest. A variety of implants are available to create a variety of different results depending on each patient’s preference. Identifying anatomical variations and listening carefully to each patient is key to selection of the proper implant. Once the proper plan is made then it really falls upon the technical skill of the surgeon to fashion a precise pocket for the implant. How the muscle is released and where the implants settle means everything to the result.  The implants should be a living part of the breast rather than appear as a devise stuck underneath. The movement of the implants is based on the pocket dissection and is very important in mimicking realistic and natural results. Some patients request a fuller and perkier appearance of the upper pole of the breasts. These individuals are better served with saline implants as they offer more projection and a more youthful appearance. Silicone implants are more effective in women who start out with less breast tissue and wish to have a softer look and feel. Dr. Malek feels the most important first step to ensure an excellent outcome begins with his initial consultation. It is his opportunity as well as the patients’ to communicate, outline preferences as well as any limitations that may apply. This ensures favorable and very predictable results; in essence VERY happy patients.

What is Dr. Marc Malek’s philosophy for tummy tucks and mommy make-overs?

Mommy makeovers are extremely effective in reversing the changes from pregnancy and breast-feeding. As babies stretch the abdominal muscle, soft tissues, and skin the damage may not be reversible in the gym. Working out and losing fat may in effect cause the skin to be looser and present a more aged appearance. Abdominal muscles can be tightened but only to a certain degree. Pregnancy causes the separation of the rectus abdominus “six pack” muscle. The abdomen pooches out and it is often impossible to get the tummy flat even by doing a thousand sit ups a day. The reason why it is so difficult to tighten the abs post pregnancy is that these muscle fibers are oriented in an up and down direction so sit-ups can tighten them but not push them back to the center. So mommies get frustrated for that reason and it is truly beyond their control. A tummy tuck takes this problem into account and actually reverses this separation when sutures are placed between the six pack muscles and they are pulled back to the middle effectively flattening and narrowing the waist. Sutures are often placed in the oblique muscles as well to further improve the contour of the waistline. All excessive and stretched skin is removed as a horizontal ellipse from the naval down to the pubis. A dramatic improvement in skin and muscle contouring is the result and it can completely reverse the stretch injury of pregnancy as well as removing stretch marks below the belly button. Breast surgery often accompanies tummy tucks since both are subject to the same stretch from enlargement and deflation as typically seen with every pregnancy. Often implants are required to replace volume and at times a breast lift to tighten the skin and raise the nipple position.

For more information about Dr. Marc Malek and his practice visit http://marcmalekmd.com/

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