How To Look Younger Right Now!

Easy and instant ways to look younger now!

A friend recently made a comment that had me fired up and fighting mad. Her words went something like this: We’ve already hit our best; we’re not going to get any better looking. My immediate mental response went something like this: What?!? But I’m only 39, not some senior citizen. And who are you to tell me I’ve already passed GO without collecting my $200 dollars. But before the rash reaction flew from my mouth, I paused. Was she right? Had I already hit the “as good as it gets” milestone? Granted, collagen production slows to a snail’s pace after 35 and real wrinkles start setting in, the ones that don’t vanish when you stop smiling, but I wasn’t ready to accept this beauty death sentence. No sir-ee.

For answers and advice, I went to Terri Myers at Dr. Mazaheri’s office. Terri is a trained nurse and skin-master with 20+ years experience in the medical field, many of it in the plastic surgery arena. In other words, she’s in the business of reversing the clock. She does dermaplaning, peels, Botox, and injectables like a maestro; but even more than her skill and experience, she genuinely wants people to look their best – she’s here to keep you on a budget and pick the best stuff with the most gain for your face. Here are her top 6 tips for looking fresher and younger in a flash, just in time for those holiday parties…

1. Schedule a Dermaplane – That dry, dead outer layer of skin can make you look dull and drab. Dermaplane gives you a super clean exfoliation and an instant glow for the holidays. Plus, product will absorb better and makeup will look flawless.

2. Upgrade Your Moisturizer – Yes, I love a good drug store beauty deal as much as the next gal (I’m all for L’Oreal products or Olay Regenerist), but when it comes to face moisturizer, it pays to get out the big guns. Some moisturizes just sit on your skin; they don’t feed your skin. That’s why it’s so important to use a non-congestive, medical grade product that feeds and balances your skin, and delivers more concentrated sources of active ingredients like Vitamin A, C and E.

3. Give your lashes a boost! Love when people’s eyes have happy in them! It’s the twinkle, not the wrinkle – and lashes play a BIG part in that. Latisse and a good mascara can make your lashes thick and luscious for an instant lift – and extra twinkle! I love They’re Real! Mascara ($23) by Benefit.

Lifting your lashes can give you a mini face lift!

4. Get a good brow shape – It changes everything! It frames your face and makes you look younger instantly. And the right brow technician knows the right brow shape for your face. I love Olga at Olga Brow Studio and Megan Dalton at Steven Paul Salon–best in town!

5. Invest in a good eye cream – A good moisturizer is one thing; a good eye cream is another. Yes, it’s easy to skip or skimp on eye cream, but know that the delicate skin around your eye is thinner and more prone to puffiness, dark circles and fine lines – and the right eye cream can tackle all of the above. LOVE Teamine Eye Complex – it’s a concealer, brightener and eye cream in one, and very moisturizing!

6. A little Botox – “A little” is the key word. A touch here and a touch there can silence those worry lines and even give you an eyelid lift, but too much looks frozen and weird. So make sure you go to someone who knows what they’re doing (like me!).

terri and kids #2
Terri Myers with her kids

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