How To Dress Your Fit Physique

Don’t despair – you can makeover your wardrobe just like your new body!

Give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks to all your hard work in the gym and your willpower in the kitchen, you’ve toned up and trimmed down. No doubt you’ve got more confidence, charisma and kick to your step — the only thing suffering is your wardrobe. Your closet is crammed full of reminders of your former self, and besides your piles of purses and pumps, nothing fits the new and improved you. So what’s a fit gal to do? While it may be tempting to celebrate your new muscles at the mall with a shopping spree, before you ditch your old duds or drop your credit card on new clothes, read on to learn how to dress your fit physique without sacrificing style or your savings account.

Don’t ditch your old wardrobe
If you’re still looking to lose or even bulk up, as tempting as it is to reward your new frame with a new wardrobe, don’t discount what you already have. Sure, at first glance your duds may seem oversized and outdated, but with the help of a tailor your closet can tide you over until your hit your goal weight. That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy anything new, just don’t get carried away with a closet full of clothes. Instead, stick to basics that’ll evolve with your changing body and tastes.

Pick fashions that flatter
Before hitting Fashion Square, you need to get to know your new figure. Take a good look in the mirror and size up your attributes. What are your best features: Your shapely shoulders? Your long and lean legs? Your armed and dangerous arms? Your bootylicious butt? Knowing your body and which assets to highlight can add direction to your shopping. On the flipside, it’s equally important to acknowledge the body parts you want to play down or soften up.

Size up your assets and decide what you want to highlight

Create curves
Losing pounds can also mean losing your girly figure, but not to worry; the right wardrobe can create curves in all the right places. Let’s start with your chest. To bring out your bust, opt for wrap tops, ruching and ruffles up top. To create more of an hour glass shape, go with jackets and blazers that flair out from the waist (peplum) and flowy skirts over pencil length. As for fabrics and cuts, soft shapes and textiles work better on muscular silhouettes than crisp tailored looks. Think a cashmere cardigan over a stiff military-style blazer.

A good seamstress is a fit gal’s best friend
Unfortunately, sizing doesn’t always work in the fit gal’s favor. Even if you’ve said goodbye to sizing in the double digits (congrats!), that doesn’t mean you can grab anything off the rack and it will fit your new fab physique. In fact, most department store styles are based on the hour glass silhouette, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for lean, mean muscular molds. So what should you do if your newly developed thighs are busting through the seams or your broader back is bursting through the blazer? Buy the bigger size and take it to a tailor for a slight adjustment. A good seamstress can also cinch the waists of blouses and blazers, lengthen sleeves, redo denim and restructure jackets.

Bottom line, think of clothes as a complement to your new curves and a reward for all your hard work.

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