My Healthiest Habit: Yoga Superstar Anton Mackey

Anton Mackey
Anton Mackey
Anton Mackey, a true Spiritual Gangster

Have you taken Anton Mackey’s yoga class? He’s been on my must-try teacher list forever, and I finally had the pleasure of taking his class at LifePower. It was a Friday, the class was wall-to-wall packed (there was barely room for a water bottle between mats), and even before the music cued up, there was a buzz of anticipation. Anton has a hardcore following and his disciples were there in droves. As soon as the class started I could see why. Anton led us through a fast-paced flow that pushed me in all the right ways: I downward dogged a little deeper, warrior’d a little stronger and inverted a little longer – and I give a lot of that credit to Anton’s infectious teaching style and expert knowledge of the human body. He knows how it bends and moves. You see, he isn’t just a pretty face; he has a degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist on top of his yoga props (he’s also one of the faculty teachers for LifePower). Definitely someone to add to your must-try teacher list. As for Anton’s healthiest habit, he has a bunch. Without further adieu, over to Anton…

My healthiest habit is multi-dimensional!
I believe true health is a combination of mental, spiritual and physical well being, so before I go to sleep I think about all the things in my life that I’m grateful for. This reminds me to focus on all the positive things in my life and to not take for granted anyone or anything. When I wake up, I focus on my breath. The breath is the single most important nutrient our body needs, so I try to give my body as much as I can throughout the whole day. Then I kiss my wife before she leaves for her day. This is my favorite habit because she is my light, and making a connection with her starts my day off right! I then drink a cold-pressed green juice from Kaleidoscope Juice; it’s important to give my body healthy clean food so I can keep my energy up throughout my day. And then I spend my day teaching and sharing yoga and fitness to hundreds of people, helping others focus on their breath, bodies and minds!
~Anton Mackey, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer, Student of all things!

The prize: We’re giving away a one-month membership at Amenzone Fitness – either at the North Scottsdale location or the new Fountain hills location opening at the end of the month. For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us your healthiest habit. The winner will be selected Monday April 1st and notified by email. Can’t wait to hear about your healthy habits! 

  1. My healthiest habit is to hug people and feeling my love overflowing/transforming from me to them.

  2. My healthiest habit is stretching every morning as soon as I wake up! It makes such a difference in my energy and workouts! It also allows me to clear my head and prep for the day!

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