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At-Home Men’s Wellness Service Launches in Arizona; Bringing Direct to Your Door Custom Treatment and Consultation Plans

Low testosterone, also known as “Low T,” is a common problem among men that negatively impacts both their physical and mental health. However, what’s far less common is that those affected by it seek the treatment they need to enhance their quality of life.

But — Change has never been easier. 

Having launched in October, Men’s Revival through their mobile program has since helped many individuals get back to becoming the best they’ve ever felt.

Patients can expect concierge service with weekly visits or phone calls with skilled nurses who can treat them in their living rooms, offices, or wherever else they feel most comfortable. 

Patients can also have it conveniently delivered via mail for self-administration.

We really saw an opportunity to fill a gap in men’s medical treatment because when you think about it, women are taught to get check-ups annually for health conditions like mammograms or to visit their OBGYN.

We aren’t taught to visit doctors regularly for men, so we avoid the issue until medical treatment is necessary most of the time.

So while we focus on low testosterone related issues, we also provide a well-rounded service that men can have Dr. Peter Raisanen teleconference them virtually or do an in-person home treatment.

Our main goal is to have men’s health be made easy, especially in this virtual 2020 atmosphere.

– Lincoln Jore, founder and co-owner of Men’s Revival

Most men with low testosterone, a sluggish thyroid, or even low energy shy away from seeking out help, either because they lack the time or energy to do so, or they prefer more privacy and distance than a traditional doctor’s office allows.

Men’s Revival seeks to eliminate these hurdles by making treatment safe, convenient, and private. 

Most people don’t realize just how much hormone levels impact men’s health both mentally and physically. Especially during this uncertain time, it’s more important than ever to prioritize your wellbeing.

Low testosterone has a direct impact on mood, energy, stamina, muscle tone, and very often, libido and sex drive. 

– Dr. Peter Raisanen, Men’s Revival’s medical director

Low testosterone can affect men as early as their mid-to-late 20s, and it can also lead to obesity, mood changes, the inability to produce muscle mass, a loss of body hair, depression, and erectile dysfunction, among other issues and health concerns. However, most men who begin testosterone therapy see positive changes within a matter of weeks.

Men’s Revival really focuses on the foundations that make men be their best selves. It’s the stress, the diet, the lack of sleep, and sometimes the lack of testosterone that plays a role in our mental and physical health.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear from patients “this is the. best I’ve ever felt.” Often, men don’t even realize what they “should and could” feel like in their daily life. We are just bogged down by external and internal factors, that health comes last.

We love to work with our patients on personal notes and determine the root cause of their symptoms.

How can any man feel and act their best if their foundations aren’t solid? That is what makes us unique. We want to find out what works for YOU and YOUR body. This is why I’m currently going back to school for my master’s degree in counseling. A lot of the time, men are taught to “suck it up, buttercup.”

We want to encompass all the factors that go into a man’s health, both mental and physical. This is why our first consultation and bloodwork is free because we genuinely care about your health and wellbeing!

– Dr. Peter Raisanen, Men’s Revival’s medical director

In some cases, a diminished sex drive, a drop in energy levels, mood changes, or a reduced vigor for life may not be the result of low testosterone. Other issues, such as a slow metabolism or a sluggish thyroid, may be to blame.

Men’s Revival can help clients identify the root cause of their issues and create custom plans that alleviate its effects. 

It is time to end the cycle of the negative stigma behind men taking care of their wellbeing and expressing their concerns if something “isn’t feeling right.”

In a medical and pharmaceutical industry that thrives off handing individuals prescriptions, Men’s Revival leads the pack by offering innovative and collaborative health services with the patients’ care in mind.

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