Premium Sparkling Prickly Pear Cactus Water Debuts in Arizona

The beverage aisle is dominated by sugary, nutrient-deficient drinks, including juices that claim to be healthy and sodas that offer zero calories and are loaded with harmful chemicals.

Finding a natural, healthy and delicious drink was a challenge until now with the debut of Lauro Sparkling Cactus Water.

Founded and created by Phoenix-based, Lauren Robson, Lauro Sparkling Cactus Water is the first and only sparkling cactus water on the market. Made from all organic prickly pear puree, lime juice and agave nectar – three simple ingredients that make a big impact.

Prickly pear has a sweet and tart taste like fresh raspberries. There are no concentrates, additives, colorants, artificial ingredients, or “natural flavors”.

After a long day by the pool with my family, I decided that I had had enough of fighting my kids and myself to stay hydrated.

I knew exactly what I wanted because I had been looking for a while. It had to be natural, plant-based, low in sugar, and my kids had to want to drink it.

– Lauren Robson, founder and creator of Lauro Sparkling Cactus Water

Robson had spent 15 years in the health and nutrition industry before leaving her job in 2019 to create Lauro. Prickly pear was the unique ingredient she had been looking for.

Prickly pear is fast becoming the latest “superfood” as it is packed with plant-based electrolytes, antioxidants, and amino acids. It also has 30% less sugar and calories than coconut water.

Benefits include electrolyte replenishment, healthy skin, support of Type 2 diabetes, muscle recovery, immunity-boosting, hangover recovery, and more.

Robson also has a passion for giving and recently delivered 520 cases of Lauro prickly pear water to frontline healthcare workers. These cases were delivered to:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • ValleyWise Hospital
  • HonorHealth hospital
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Additionally, 33 pallets which are 3,432 cases were delivered to St. Mary’s Food Bank. Totaling more than 84,000 cans of healthy and delicious water that were donated.

Lauro is available at eight Valley AJ’s Fine Foods, 10 Whole Foods throughout Arizona, Le Grand Orange, Royal Palms Resort, the Desert Botanical Garden among other small retail locations.

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