The Nation’s First ‘Picklemall’ is Coming to Arizona Mills

Picklemall Interior Mock Up
Picklemall Interior Mock Up (PRNewsfoto/Picklemall)

Arizona Mills is set to become the site of the first “Picklemall” in America this July. The mall’s visionary initiative aims to capitalize on the surging popularity of pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in the U. S. 

Pickleball has witnessed impressive growth, increasing 35% from August 2022 to March 2023, according to the Association of Pickleball Professionals. The sport has garnered a significant following, particularly among older players who appreciate its accessible yet competitive nature. The nature of the sport provides the unique opportunity to attract players across demographics.

With the growing demand for pickleball outpacing infrastructure growth, players often experience long wait times with a limited number of courts. Picklemall plans to address this issue by reusing existing mall properties, bringing new life to vacant spaces and reducing game wait times at championship-level pickleball courts.

“Pickleball has the opportunity to cross the barriers that divide us—age, race, class—to foster togetherness and spread joy to the communities in which Picklemall will reside,” says Major League Pickleball Founder Steve Kuhn. “That starts with getting creative about location, and the future of pickleball is indoors.”

In addition to revitalizing mall spaces and addressing the demand for high quality courts, Picklemall aims to enhance the pickleball experience through the integration of cutting-edge technology. The state-of-the-art experience will allow players to not only enjoy the game but improve their skills. To accomplish this, Picklemall plans to launch an innovative app to revolutionize how players engage with pickleball.

The app will serve as the central hub for pickleball enthusiasts, offering a range of features to streamline and elevate their gameplay. Players will be able to use the app to easily schedule games, reserve courts, set playtimes and even unlock the door to their court, streamlining the check-in process. 

Additionally, the app will work in conjunction with the courts’ revolutionary camera technology to record matches, providing players with footage so they can analyze their gameplay. This playback functionality can help players study their technique and learn from real games to elevate their future performance.

“Our goal is to not only make pickleball accessible to more people, but to actually help them improve their game with the help of experts,” says Picklemall CEO West Shaw. “We will have a few technological tricks up our sleeves to make that happen, and we’re excited to unveil them to the public.”

Picklemall has plans to foster the sport in several U.S. communities in the coming months, with plans for 50 new Picklemalls over the next 24 months. The introduction of this innovative concept not only signifies the sport’s rapid growth but also demonstrates its ability to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

With its visionary approach to repurposing mall spaces, providing championship-level courts, and integrating technology, Picklemall is poised to revolutionize the pickleball landscape and contribute to the sport’s ongoing success and accessibility. For more information, visit

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