The 5 Ingredients for Sustainable Fitness & Longevity

I recently gave a talk for over 100 people about what it takes to fall in love with fitness. Regardless of the method you choose to trim the fat, look better naked, and set a new personal best up Cholla Trail, the essentials of “HOW” are universal, regardless of your “WHY”.

1. You Need a Goal

This is the summit of our Everest. This is the light at the end of the tunnel. Without something to work towards it is very easy to get derailed or adjust course when life gets in our way. Your goal makes all the adversity, tough times, and steep learning curves worth it along the say. It is your purpose. Your reason. Your “Why”. The stronger it is, the easier the hard stuff becomes.

2. You Need a Tribe

These are people in the trenches with you. The like to sweat in the same way you do. They are the people holding you accountable for showing up and supporting you when things get tough. They have the gift of empathy only fostered by a shared experience. When you find your tribe you will experience an organic sense of comradery through shared adversity. When everyone is tired and sweating, running out of time on the clock or with one more rep left, digging a little deeper becomes less of a question, but really, the only answer.

Photo by Josh Weinberg (@jweinberg) at CrossFit PHX

3. You Need a Coach

This is the person that lights the path, keeps you honest, and is responsible for three things: putting the plan together, kicking you in the butt when you need motivation, and helping you appreciate the progress you’ve made even though there are times you may not see it at all.

Photo by Josh Weinberg (@jweinberg) at CrossFit PHX

4. Trust the Process

In order to achieve any result there must be a process. That process is specific to the goal. You wouldn’t lift heavy for years and expect to edge out Michael Phelps in the pool, would you? There are a million resources from the gurus and those that have been there and done that on the internet. However, individual results my vary. However, a planning session with a coach or trainer about what you will specifically require to attain your goal as an individual can take you much further, much faster.

5. Consistency is King

Over time, your goals may change. Your tribe may change, life happens or your fitness needs evolve. Your coach may change. The one constant, is consistency. This the intangible that keeps you on track and gets you back on the horse when you fall off. Fitness is continuous. Conditions need not be ideal for you to get your sweat on. Your goal need only be bigger than your excuses.

And that’s it. If you apply these five ingredients and build them into your lifestyle, you will incrementally become the best version of yourself. Not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually, which have been known to be synergistic byproducts of a lifestyle where fitness is a priority.

Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS (@coachderz)

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