Skin Cancer and COVID Survivor Opens Anti-Aging Clinic In Scottsdale

Brett Lane was at the top of his game growing his Search Engine Optimization company, when, in 2019, he was diagnosed with melanoma on his neck. It was only the size of a dime to the eye, but the surgeons had to take out much more since the cancer was spreading to his lymphatic system. 

When he was diagnosed, he dove into the world of alternative health and found he could do more and really ‘optimize his health’. He started on peptide therapies that fight free radicals, learned about hormone therapy, natural anti-inflammatories, and other protocols for his immune system. In the end, he did not have to do chemo or radiology. 

Then in May of 2021, he contracted Covid. By then, he had learned a lot about his health options and started on various peptides to fight free radicals, antibiotics, and IV drips to boost his immune system to help overcome Covid. 

In his marketing business (Engine-ius Marketing), Brett offered SEO and the optimization of a companies internet presence and realized he could take that systematic approach to his health.

At the same time, Brett and his wife Hillary decided to open an anti-aging clinic and decided to do so during the height of the pandemic. Researching the different markets, he found Scottsdale, Arizona, to be one of the most friendly business states and the right call for an anti-aging business. 

We feel Scottsdale is a great market, with the interest in health along with The Mayo Clinic and all the orthopedic and plastic surgeons, because this is a synergistic match for all of that. Utilizing our therapies before, during, and after these procedures will create synergy with a persons healing process.

– Brett Lane

Everyone in practice walks the talk; they all follow their protocols even though it isn’t always easy making it to the gym or eating healthy – but they do it, just like we all should.

They opened the doors of XCellR8 Health Clinic on July 1st, 2021. They have been serving Scottsdale and Phoenix residents ever since.

One of the first things people do when visiting XCellR8 Health Clinic is our IV therapy, states Brett, because most people in the desert are dehydrated and just that alone can make them feel better.

We really listen to our patients and hear what their most pressing issues are – so they can optimize their overall health. It sounds simple but the typical American healthcare system doesn’t really listen, they treat the symptoms with a pill rather than look for the root cause. Our goal is to change peoples health and life for the better – holistically.

– Brett Lane

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