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With the New Year rolling in, it’s time to change up your routine (it’s so last year!) and try something new. Fitness newbies or seasoned gym-goers alike can get a challenging workout on the Kinesis wall – a four-station versatile workout system that combines strength, cardio, and functional movement for a killer full body workout. A Kinesis machine provides a unique way to get a more functional total body workout by allowing the body to move naturally during each movement.

Additional benefits of using the Kinesis machine:

  • 3D design allows for infinite possibilities of movements
  • Great for a total body workout
  • Offers a different type of resistance training that is less impactful on the joints
  • Forces the muscles of the core to be activated throughout each movement
  • Offers sport-specific exercises, such as golf and tennis

While the Kinesis Wall and stations can be used individually, taking a class that integrates the Wall can enhance your fitness routine. Each Kinesis class is designed as a circuit with up to eight participants in each class, with four exercises on the Kinesis wall, and four exercises off of the wall. After a warmup, participants perform an exercise for a period of time (30-90 seconds) or number of reps (3 sets of 10, for example). Each class varies based on the Kinesis Wall location and the instructor.

Small class sizes, certified trainers and a unique, challenging piece of equipment make a Kinesis class at the Village unlike any other. Trying something new can be intimidating – luckily, we have group exercise classes that will give you a great total body workout and you will learn how to use the machines. For the Kinesis Class schedule click here.

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