Fun, Friendship & Community – Running Together is Better

By Abby Luedecke, Triathlon Coordinator at the Village DC Ranch

Many of us run to clear the mind, relieve stress, and give us time for self-reflection and alone time. However, after 15 years of running, I’ve come to realize the invaluable benefits of running with a group, here are five good reasons why you should buddy up for your next run.

 1. Safety-First

Imagine falling, twisting an ankle or getting light-headed while out on a solo run. If you’re with a group, there’s someone there to help. And of course, there is safety in numbers – packs of runners are less likely to entice would-be attackers.


 2Motivation & Accountability

Running with others is a great motivator. Whether your running mates are faster or slower doesn’t matter. Motivate each other. Work toward catching that runner who’s always a few seconds faster than your pace. Or pay it forward and help a slower runner train for their first 5k.

 3Fun, Friendship, & Community

Runners are a social bunch – we love to chat during long runs, in between sets and speed-workouts, or commiserate (with a smile) after summiting a big hill together, then head off to our post-run coffee hangouts.


 4. Improved Performance

Group running can improve your performance – no two people have the same running pace, and inevitably there will be people faster than you in your group. Pushing yourself (in appropriate amounts) to increase your pace will inevitably improve your performance.

 5. Bust Boredom

Face it, running can get boring – and boredom leads to skipping runs. Some runners listen to music or books, solve complex problems in their heads, while some of us just zone out and run. If you’re feeling like you’re hitting a fitness plateau, group running is the perfect anecdote.

The Village Clubs offer group runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas.


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