BadSTICK: Instant Craving Killer

When I have a chocolate craving, I get a little scary. First thing I do is ransack the freezer to find the secret stash of chocolate chips. I hide them from myself so I won’t mindlessly munch. Sadly, it never works. When the stack runs out I’ve been known to MacGyver chocolate out of whatever ingredients I can find (eg: cocoa powder mixed with honey…. no, I’m not proud of that moment).

This past weekend I had a mega chocolate craving, but no chocolate or pseudo chocolate to quench it (trust me, I combed the cupboards). When my text to my friend Kayrene failed (“Please bring me chocolate, too lazy to leave the house”… she thought I was joking), I did something I’ve never done before, something that instantly, unquestionably, immediately killed the craving: I took a giant whiff of badSTICK.

Let me explain: badSTICK kinda looks like a tube of lipstick (or an OB tampon). It’s described as an “unpleasant scent stick to stop unwanted food cravings”— a major understatement If you ask me. It doesn’t just smell unpleasant, it’s hands down the most foul smell I’ve even encountered (think poop meets puke), but it did the trick. Unleashing it not only stopped my food craving full stop, it killed any semblance of an appetite I had. One minute I was scavenging for chocolate; the next I was revolted by the thought of food. Not too surprising since scent is one powerful sense that’s strongly link to mood and hunger.


The super smelly stick was created by Tricia Bryski, a local Phoenix gal. Tricia tried for 12 years to lose the pregnancy weight she gained with her daughter, and nothing worked, not Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins or HCG —until badSTICK. It helped her with her trigger times, namely weekends and on her way home from work, times she couldn’t stop herself from cheating. “I think of it as a diet tool or aid,” says Tricia. “It’s not designed to work itself as an appetite suppressant, but as an aid to assist if someone is already trying to lose weight but needs some help during their peak cravings times.”

The stick is the simplest diet tool I’ve ever tried. A wave under my nose and POOF! the craving disappeared. It was instant gratification at its best… or worst depending on how you look at it.

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