Align Your Posture and Improve Your Overall Health ~ with BackEmbrace

About a year ago, I was hit by a drunk driver on my way to work. Ever since that day, my right shoulder cuff and neck have never been the same.

As I moved out of the restaurant industry and into this leadership role for the magazine. I noticed that sitting in a chair from nine to five was AWFUL for my neck and shoulder tension.

Luckily, BackEmbrace allowed me to try their product, and the results have been extraordinary over the course of five to six months of usage. It aligns my back, neck, and shoulders to allow my posture not to “hunch” over as I stare at computer screens for hours on end.

– Tyler Hollis, Communications Director of AZFoothills Magazine.

Comfortable, affordable ($59), nearly invisible under clothing, made here in the USA, and not just for women, the BackEmbrace is perfect for ALL of us sitting at desks for most of our day!

I understand the biomechanics of proper posture for functional alignment of the jaw, rib cage, lower back, and even how the feet plant on the ground.

Wearing the BackEmbrace provides a gentle lift that immediately opens the chest wall and reduces the feeling of anxiety, as well as giving the appearance of confidence to the rest of the world.  For those people who drive a lot or at a computer for several hours a day, this is a great solution to give them better posture and reduce the tension in their necks and shoulders.

I honestly believe that wearing BackEmbrace, especially while working at computers and phones, is going to reduce the prevalence of ‘Tech Neck.’

– Dr. Dani Olson, Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, California; Certified, Chow Integrated Healing System and Qigong; Master Degree, Usui Reiki

FIX POSTURE AND RELIEVE TENSION – Get instant relief from back pain, tension, and strain caused by poor back posture. BackEmbrace provides effective posture support as it gently pulls your shoulders into proper alignment leaving you feeling lifted and more energized.

ADJUSTABLE SEAMLESS FIT UNDER OR OVER CLOTHES – While other posture supports are bulky, uncomfortable, irritating to the skin, and cheaply made, BackEmbrace contours to your body with premium soft materials for a seamless, slim fit. Machine Washable.

WALK, SIT AND STAND IN ALIGNMENT – Improve your posture while you do almost anything. The unique split-strap system provides varying levels of support and snugs around your shoulders like a gentle embrace. More stylish, lightweight, and breathable, BackEmbrace is made with premium woven material that is soft against your skin.

STABILITY IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE – 20-30 minute increments is all you need to give your body time to adjust and shift into better alignment. Prevents tech neck and slouching by stabilizing the shoulders. Perfect for computer work, walking, driving, and exercising. Wonderful for new moms. Effective back support for men and women, in every lifestyle from active to sedentary.

HIGH QUALITY PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – Designed and manufactured in the USA. BackEmbrace is made with high-quality, long-lasting materials. BackEmbrace is an effective orthopedic device— it just doesn’t look like one. A woman-owned business, manufactured in small quantities and made with love.

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