The ABCs of Boot Camp

As fitness trends have developed over the years, one that has gained popularity and continues to give participants great results is boot camp. As the name suggests, these workouts have been modeled after military-style fitness regimes that include an intense mix of strength training and aerobics that build strength, flexibility, and endurance sans the shaved head and loud drill sergeant.

Boot camps generally offer a variety of basic calisthenics like pull-ups, pushups, lunges, crunches, as well as short intense drills and sprints that get the heart rate going. Boot camp workouts are much like the popular HIIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts that alternate between short spurts of intense exercise followed by lighter exercise that brings the heart rate down slightly, enabling you to continue through the entire workout.

In fact, it’s the varied routine that participants of a boot camp class enjoy most. Switching up the circuits not only works the whole body, it challenges the participants with a new workout and new exercises, keeping both plateaus and workout boredom at bay. Other benefits of this type of workout include the group fitness atmosphere that brings class members together to team up for specific drills, building a sense of group achievement, and a positive way for members to motivate one another.

Boot camp classes encourage students of all fitness levels and abilities to join, and the instructors at The Village Health Clubs and Spas offer modifications for beginners. However, boot camp is designed to be a physically and mentally challenging class, so participants with specific health concerns should be aware that this intense workout requires you to push themselves to new limits. If you find yourself in that category, talk to an instructor before class, and take it slow. Jumping in too quickly or intensely if you haven’t exercised in awhile can lead to torn muscles or injury — so listen to your body.

If you’re new to a class, consider the following tips to prepare:

  • Hydrate prior to the class and bring plenty of water.
  • Keep an open mind. You may be asked to try something you’ve never done before. The Village trainers are there to support you and also push you beyond your comfort zone, but will never force you to do something you truly aren’t comfortable doing.
  • Pay attention. Form is key in any workout routine, so make sure you have correct form before proceeding with each exercise. Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Stretching both before and after a workout will ensure quicker muscle recovery. Make sure you spend at least five minutes warming up and cooling down after each workout.
  • Arrive early and talk to the instructor. Let them know it’s your first time and ask any questions you may have about the class.

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