Mixing up your workouts to see and feel the results!

Mixing up your workouts is very important if you want to see a change in your body. One role of the body is to conserve energy so it is very efficient. What if our body couldn’t save energy? We might find ourselves in a heap on the floor of the gym unable to make it to our car after a hard workout. Has that ever really happened to you? Probably not! We may feel totally exhausted, but we are somehow able to make it home. It would be a catastrophe if we found ourselves collapsed in a corner every time we exerted energy. So, our body knows how to conserve energy which is  a good thing. However, too much of a good thing doesn’t work when you want to make a change.

Once your body has figured out what to expect in a workout, it uses the least amount of energy to get the job done, therefore burning the least amount of calories possible. Will your body see change? NO! What do we do then? If you constantly give your body new challenges, it doesn’t know what to do and burns way more calories then if it were doing the same routine. My suggestion: MIX IT UP!!!!!!!! Swim, walk, do the elliptical, take a ballet barre class, take a muscle class, abs class, boot camp, play tennis, go for a hike, should I keep going or you get the picture? It is so much easier mentally and physically to do a workout that we are already familiar with.  Do the hard thing,  get out of your comfort zone and watch your body change!   Have fun with it! GOOD LUCK!

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