3 Moves For A Tight Booty!

These 3 exercises will be sure to get that booty right and get that booty tight!

GOBLET SQUATS: Cupping a heavy dumbbell, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, weight in your heels and toes turned slightly out. Drop straight down, trying to touch your hamstrings to your calf’s. As you stand up, make sure to power through your heels and do not let your back round. BONUS: Squatting below parallel can be much more beneficial for that back side!

STRAIGHT LEG DEAD LIFTS: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes forward, and weight in your heels. Roll your shoulders back and over exaggerate sticking out your chest. Keep a soft bend in your knees (Do not lock them out), hinge forward sending your butt behind you, continue looking up, and keep a flat back. Once you feel a pull in your hamstrings that is as far as you need to go. Return to starting position and drive your hips forward squeezing your booty.

CROSS OVER STEP UPS: Stand next to the box/step and cross your outside leg over to step up on the box. Make sure to keep your hips and shoulders squared forward and focus on powering through your heel as you stand up. Try to bring your inside leg up to a balance hold on top.

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