Natural Face Lift at Sanctuary

Not sure if it was all my outdoor running lately or the change in weather (or maybe all the turkey eating), but my skin has been looking less than rosy lately. Yes, exercise can be great for the complexion—it gets the blood flowing—but the Arizona elements can also suck it dry. I needed my healthy glow back and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, so I booked an appointment at Sanctuary, one of my fave spas in the city. The treatment:  the Natural Face Lift facial, a chemical-free, 90-minute facial that promised to slough off the dead stuff for a youthful glow.

Things started not on my face, but on my feet. First my tootsies were massaged, moisturized and topped with warm booties for an instant spa state of mind. Divine. And things only got better from there. Sherry, my super skilled esthetician, used a triple threat of high-tech gadgets to tame my troubled complexion: the Clarisonic for a deep cleaning (I have one and LUV it!); the bt-Micro for an ultrasonic exfoliation (it doubles as an uber product penetrator); and the NuFace Micro Current for muscle-tightening and an instant face lift. But it wasn’t all gadgets. Sherry also did a thorough extraction and a saturation exfoliation. Sounds high-tech, but it’s a really just a fancy way of saying she rubbed away the dead skin cells with essential oils and lots of massage. While the White Tea Antioxidant Mask was working its magic, she also treated me to a hand and arm massage that had me so relaxed I think I dozed off for a sec.

When it was all over, Sherry flashed a mirror in front of my face: Gasp! I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised. My skin looked noticeably different: tight, toned and fabulously fresh! My fine lines were a little finer and that dull outer layer was gone baby gone! Best of all, my healthy glow was back —big time! And not a chemical was used; just all-natural Naturopathica products and Sherry’s expert touch.

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