How To Really Makeover Your Eating Habits

Need to overhaul your eating habits? Here's how

Need to overhaul your eating habits? Here’s how…

For most of us, food faults are keeping us from our dream body – myself included. Portion control, sweet cravings, late-night binging, skipping meals, crash diets, high-calorie drinks, processed foods, diet sodas, emotional eating, boredom binging, post-workout pigouts… chances are you’re guilty of at least one of these diet mistakes, if not them all. The good news is that the gals behind Sollus Nutrition + Fitness are here to help! Sollus is a local company founded by Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach Sonia Thalman and ACE Group Fitness Instructor Lonni Lattie that offers 1-on-1 support, from grocery store tours to custom meal plans and fitness regimens. Here, Sonia and Lonni share their tried, tested and true ways to overhaul your eating habits for the better, and not one of them is about deprivation or dieting….

How To Really Makeover Your Eating Habits
You start each day with the best of intentions. Your spirit is bright, your focus, laser sharp. But true to form, life has a funny way of throwing you off balance when you least expect it. Being in control of food is one area that can give you the greatest sense of control throughout the day, lift your mood and keep your health in check. Here are our favorite tips for simple changes in your life that can provide big results and help keep you on track:

Drink up! Dehydrating can be confused for hunger

Drink up! Dehydration can be confused for hunger

1. Raise a glass. Dehydration can be masked as hunger, costing you a lot of unnecessary calories. Jazz up plain water with fresh lemon, ginger, cucumbers or mint – or add chia seeds for a fiber, Omega-3 & calcium boost!

2. Tune in. Stop eating when the clock says to and eat when you are hungry. Studies show paying attention to your own schedule can even boost your metabolism.

3. Eat Bacon… and eggs! Protein for breakfast provides sustained energy and fill-power! Don’t be fearful of saturated fats if consuming mindful portions. Studies show there is no association with saturated fats and increased risk of heart disease.

4. Get Nuts. Meet your new best friend, almonds. Lower in calories and higher in fiber than most nuts, these tiny treasures are great for an afternoon snack. Buy individual bags and keep them in your car to avoid the call of the drive-thru.

5. Turn off the lights. Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your hormones, increases cravings for junk food and can increase belly fat. Try and get at least seven hours a night to avoid sabotaging yourself right out of the gate.

Sonia Thalman & Lonni Lattie from Sollus

Sonia Thalman & Lonni Lattie from Sollus

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