The Most Dramatic Season Ever: Tempe Hotel Hosting Bachelor Viewing Parties

If you’d rather attend a The Bachelor viewing party than host one, the Moxy Hotel has you covered, complete with rosé, games, candles and more.

The Tempe hotel is screening the show in their communal lobby, complete with a custom food and drink menu. There will even be roses and candles to really set the mood. Think Champagne fruit flutes, decked out s’mores (hello Nutella and strawberries!), charcuterie boards and of course plenty of rosé.

And for those looking to get down to business, there will betting games with prizes. While you won’t win love, guests can win free food or drinks or even discounts on their tab for the night.

The “Guess Who Wins It All” raffle winner will receive a free night stay and gift card to the Moxy Tempe.

The Moxy will host viewings of The Bachelor through the end of the season.

For more information, click here.

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