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Mesa Venue Gets Long Awaited Liquor License

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While concerts and alcohol frequently go hand in hand, they haven’t for the Nile Theater in Mesa – until now. As of July 21, the Nile will begin serving up beer and liquor, something it hasn’t done since it reopened in 2010 under new management. The venue has been liquor free and has had trouble obtaining a liquor license due to some hard times in the past that ultimately caused the venue to be shut down. Criminal activity and nuisance concerns contributed to the close and have caused approval for a liquor license to be quite a challenge. The new management, however, has experienced none of those problems, and was finally successful in gaining approval from council members. The Adolescents, a punk band, will be playing at the venue the night alcohol makes its first appearance in quite some time. Look forward to crafts, microbrews, and domestics in the main room and full liquor service in the attached lounge.

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