Local Band, The Maine, Prepares to Release Fifth Album American Candy

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Arizona born band, The Maine, has officially announced news of the release of their upcoming fifth full-length album. Titled American Candy, the album is set to release on March 31. Along with the new record is a new tour titled after the album itself. The American Candy Tour is set to kickoff April 3 in the band’s hometown of Tempe, Arizona and will also be supported by Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, and Technicolors.

After releasing four previous successful albums, The Maine had withdrawn from their usual high presence in social media in an effort to focus on their fifth album without any outside influence. “…We wanted to get away for a little bit and remove any pressure that comes with people waiting for what’s next,” explains drummer Pat Kirch. Two of their singles “English Girls” and “Miles Away” have already been released and in just a week, after much anticipation, fans will finally get the chance to see what exactly is next from the American rock band.

“Even after just the little response that we got from “English Girls”, I’m excited to release the rest. Just knowing that our intentions for the album was to create something a little more light and a little more not as serious as what we’ve done in the past,” explained lead singer John O’Callaghan in an interview with us. For the full interview and to read more about the band’s excitement for their new album and how they prepared for it, click here. And don’t forget to get your hands on some American Candy on March 31.

To purchase tickets for their first show in Tempe on April 3, click here.

-By Suzanne Koch

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