Arizona-Produced Film Raising Buchanan Available to Pre-Order

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If you’ve already blazed through every Netflix and Hulu show you can think of, there’s something new coming to your screen. Raising Buchanan, a locally produced movie releasing May 5, is an independent dark comedy about America’s least known and possibly worst president.

The film was produced from local writer and director Bruce Dellis and is his feature film debut. The award-winning movie was filmed entirely in Arizona and produced by Scottsdale-based independent film and media production and development company Cheese Board Productions.

Raising Buchanan stars Amanda Melby, René Auberjonois and M. Emmet Walsh and centers around a young desperate girl in Phoenix who steals the corpse of a former U.S. President in search of a payoff, but finds that no one is interested in getting him back. The clever, dark comedy is inspired by true presidential stories including the 1876 plot to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body and the exhumation of Zachary Taylor in 1991.

Produced by Melby and Joe Gruberman (Eleven Eleven), this award-winning feature film swept the film festival circuit racking up multiple awards, including: Best Feature, Best Dramedy, Best Actress (Melby) and Best Screenplay (Dellis), among others. Recently, the film was selected to win a SJA (Special Jury) Remi Award in the Feature Films-Comedy category from the 53rd WorldFest-Houston Remi Awards.

Raising Buchanan will be available globally across all video-on-demand and Blu-Ray/DVD platforms beginning May 5. The film is currently available for pre-order on iTunes through May 4.

Pre-Order Giveaway

Those who pre-order Raising Buchanan on iTunes through May 4, can enter the swag giveaway for a chance to win a Raising Buchanan campaign water bottle stickers or presidential disappoint-mints. First 500 valid entrants only.

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