Performance EV Brand Polestar Opening Showroom at Scottsdale Fashion Square, Unveils O₂ Concept Roadster

Polestar has revealed a new concept car named Polestar O2. The hard-top convertible is Polestar’s vision of open-top performance and a thrilling driving experience – with all the benefits of electric mobility.

The announcement comes just ahead of the Polestar | Scottsdale opening at the Scottsdale Fashion Square in April. Jason Church, COO of Courtesy Automotive Group, owner and operator of Polestar | Scottsdale says, “The O2 concept delivers a real ‘wow’ with incredible styling and design including an autonomous drone that can be launched mid-drive to capture a cinematic record of the driving experience.”  Church adds, “While we patiently await the Polestar 3 SUV reveal, Courtesy Automotive Group is excited to share the Polestar O2 concept demonstrating our new brand’s commitment to an exciting blend of sustainability, technology and sheer fun!”

The O₂ ventures beyond boundaries with a secret chamber located behind seats that launches an autonomous drone via the 15-inch touchscreen in the dash that can follow the car utilizing two different flight patterns. The drone can launch while the car is in motion and follow the car at speeds up to 56 mph. When the driver is finished filming, the drone returns itself to the secret compartment that then retracts out of sight. The footage can then be edited and shared from the O₂’s touchscreen.  Polestar engineers have developed a specialized aerofoil that raises behind the rear seats to create a calm area of negative pressure that allows the drone to take off when the car is on the move.

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