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Last week at the TRX studio where I workout the ladies in the class discussed how buying new workout clothes wasn’t a priority considering they were just going to sweat in them anyway. As the conversation continued one of the ladies added that her friend had recently mentioned to her that if she just had a cute new workout outfit she would probably feel more motivated to hit the gym. At this comment I quietly chuckled to myself because I remembered saying that exact thing to my husband several times throughout the past few years. It was partially an excuse, but also seemed sensible to me at the time. I mean what is more motivating than clothes?

Now that I am a fan of working out, thanks to my TRX classes, I generally wear my old college t-shirts and same ol’ yoga capris. However, I do think that fashion can be a good motivator and an even greater way to reward yourself for accomplishing your health and fitness goals.

Here are some of the latest fitness fashion trends worth purchasing…for your health of course.

In the past year or so the barefoot-like running shoe has been the fitness item to own. These shoes are extremely flexible (you can literally fold them in half) and give your foot a more natural range of motion. The shoes come in a wide range of color combinations and styles making them a fashion statement even outside of the gym.

At Nike and Reebok

Workout tops have been given a style makeover. Many now come in bright colors, with feminine graphics, and even in styles that look like regular clothing. Now you can workout and then run errands without feeling completely drab.

At Athleta

One of the most frustrating things I find when working out is that no matter how many bobby pins I use by the end of the work out I end up with a mess of hair and sweat in my face. Lululemon and Pilayo both have stylish non-slip headbands that will keep hair in place during even the most rigorous workout.

At Athleta

Jackets are great for putting on over a body-conscious workout outfit on the days you just aren’t feeling your best. They come in variety of shapes and fabrics so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

AT Lululemon

The running skirt is my new favorite trend. If you are not a huge fan of wearing shorts (running or the like), but want a cooler alternative to yoga pants during the summer this is the way to go.

At Athleta

By Kristianne Young

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