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How to Wear – Fall’s Best Hair Accessories

Remember that scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure after he lost his red bicycle and suddenly everyone was riding a red bicycle? Well, suddenly I feel the same way about my hair. It seems to be getting shorter and shorter while everyone with an 85___ zip code seems to have locks galore. Perhaps I need to pull a Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta and invest in a girl-rug… in any case no matter what my length I am loving the latest crop of cutter than anything hair accessories.

Jessica Stam in Louis Vuitton bunny ears

Jessica Stam in Louis Vuitton bunny ears

Everything from a sweet girlie bows to flower adorned headbands, feathery plumes, jeweled combs, barrettes and leathery bands there is an abundance to choose from. Even Marc Jacobs adorned his models with lush bunny ears for Louis Vuitton… so French, so chic and so to die for! It brings back memories of Belle du Jour, Breathless, Funny Girl and every other set in Paris fashion cinema dream. Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear them.

Lauren Conrad & Jennifer Ouellette Bows

Lauren Conrad & Jennifer Ouellette Bows

Bows – Whether floppy and large or dainty and crisp wear your bow headbands or clip- ins off to the side. Wearing them directly in the middle looks a bit too precious. Bows work best with super straight locks as shown at Givenchy or just a slight wave a la Lauren Conrad. Anything curlier will no doubt beg comparisons to Shirley Temple.
Jennifer Ouellette velvet bow pins are available at Barney’s

L.Erickson Jeweled Barrette

L.Erickson Jeweled Barrette

Jewels –a sparkling pin, jeweled comb or barrette is so spot -on with the extreme ladylike looks this season. Position your gems just above the ear or at eyebrow level, wearing them any higher can look too girlish. Avoid wearing large earrings or any oversize jewels around the neck opt instead for cuffs or cocktail rings to balance out your shimmer. Dolce and Gabbana did rather royal looking versions on the runway. Try a Collette Malouf hairpin or an L. Erickson barrette

Jennifer Behr Headbands

Jennifer Behr Headbands

Studs and Leather – These modern day punk pieces add an edge to the ordinary do and go wonderfully well with the biker inspired looks that we love. Wear them with flat smooth hair or messy buns and Gwen -like pompadors similar to those shown at Zac Posen. Whatever you do resist the urge to wear big bangs or wild teased ends it will only end up looking tart-ish and tacky. Jennifer Behr zipper head band and Jennifer Behr spiked head band both at


  • Lisa says:

    I like how these type of hair accessories look on everyone else, but I always feel like I can never get them quite right and I just end up looking like a little kid.

  • Kaytlin says:

    I love cute hair accessories.

  • marianne says:

    love the jeweled barrette…..

  • Kerry says:

    I just can’t seem to wear many hair accessories without looking childish. Advice???

  • diane says:

    As mentioned Kerry, the actual style of the hair is just as important as the accessory that is going with it. Stick with jeweled combs, ponytail holders or leather headbands which tend to look more chic.

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