Color Trend – Neon Lights

For a couple of years now I’ve had this neon yellow headband just in sitting my bathroom drawer. That is until just a few weeks when I decided to pair it with a new hot pink American Apparel tee I recently purchased. For me, this is a huge diversion from my usual black, grey, blues and occasional other color.

If you’ve been paying attention to recent fashion trends or even just walking into your favorite department store, then you have no doubt seen the nearly blinding shades of neon pinks, acid greens, and shocking yellows. This trend is reaching just about every facet of the stylish world from accessories to shoes to hair (literally). 

Just yesterday Lauren Conrad tweeted (via instantgram) her newly dipped tresses in the form of a cute pink pony. This is one of the times that I wish that my hair wasn’t so dark! If you are not ready to commit there is always extensions or as Free People would have it, braid some neon twine or ribbon into your hair. 

Nordstrom, $99 

Sunglasses are in fact one of, if not my absolute favorite accessories… I probably spend more on my eye protection then I do shoes (I know crazy). But how can you not get excited when you see a pair of neon green Michael Kors aviators? By the way these also come in fabulous shades of orange and pink as well.

This Easter, Az Foothills fashion and beauty director and my fellow Style Files blogger Diane Aiello introduced me to paint-splatter Jackson Pollock inspired nails. Pick out two or three of your brightest nail colors and give yourself a trendy manicure! If you’ve never attempted this before here is a great tutorial from Beautylish (ps I used all regular nail polish).

Net-A-Porter, $550

It may be the season for flip flops and sandals but there is, without a doubt, a place in every girl’s wardrobe for these electric lace flats by Giuseppe Zanotti. Wear with your favorite shorts or shift dress.

Net-A-Porter $265

Illuminate your favorite hot spot this season with Diane Von Firstenberg’s color blocked yellow and black mini skirt. Even better, this skirt can easily go into fall with a pair of tights and booties.

Free People, $85

Why not feel sexy in neon too? These neon color blocked intimates from Free People will surely inspire you to venture into all that this season’s color trend has to offer.

How do you indulge in bright bold colors? We love to hear your style ideas!

By Kristianne Young

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