Stella McCartney – Fall 09

As the youngest in a household of extreme music fans I remember the first time I saw the Beatles…. I remember dancing around the living room and thinking these guys were totally cool… yes I was a mere squirt at the time but the fab four had their effect on me.
Who would have thought that I would be saying the same thing about Paul the “cute one” offspring so many years later? I mean really, who is as cool as Stella?


Baby Stella & Sir Paul McCartney

Growing up as music royalty the little miss was exposed to the dashing and fabulous crowd at an early age. It’s no surprise with a limo lifestyle that she became a bit of fashion royalty herself. What is surprising is her incredibly honed eye for detail and her keenly acerbic sense of humor (does anyone remember the Kathy Griffin red carpet incident?). She actually makes clothes that women (at least fashion forward ones) want to wear. Though she grew up loving the works of John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, McCartney set out at an early age to really study and learn good tailoring and the craft of dress making….strange but true for a pampered babe. But this savvy princess of pop icons had no illusions about her success; instead she focused on combining elements of hip, luxe, sportswear with a friendly and fun bend…not to mention eco/and PETA friendly standards. There is of course no shortage of celebrity fans that clamor at the sight of McCartney’s wares. And a celebrity entourage of gal pals that would rather go naked than live without their Stella. Live Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna are often seen out and about in custom pieces.


Stella McCartney and Friends

Of course Ms. M wasn’t always given the thumbs up, shortly after her appointment to succeed Lagerfeld at Chloe’ there was a storm of criticism that she met with unexpected grace. One of her biggest inspirations was of course her mother Linda, always a non-conformist with a gracious and free spirit, it seems that Stella takes after her mom not only in character but in entrepreneurial vision, Linda was one of the first to come out with pre-packaged healthy vegetarian meals for the masses, in the same tone Stella has always stayed true to her vegan beliefs launching Care skin care products, fragrances and the shoes… from uber high heels to her line for Addidas.


Stella McCartney CARE

This season there were still plenty of gorgeous little slips that skim the body to perfection, along with cocoon like belted coats and vegan legging boots to die for (remember that list of what to buy when money is no object? These leggings would be on them!) and lets not forget the ultra smart day-to evening dresses. This little McCartney certainly knows how to make a girl swoon with delight….

Stella McCartney Fall 09



Stella McCartney Fall 09
Stella McCartney Fall 09



  1. I love that she creates all vegan pieces but you really wouldn’t know by looking at them. Her lines are so fashion forward and not granola at all, even her bags feel like real leather.

  2. I learn every day from your blogs, I hadn’t really read much about Stella, now I’m interested to learn more!

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