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Last week I had the pleasure of working on an amazing project with one of my favorite talent. The assignment…recreating classic 50’s pin ups of Hollywood actresses. Not the Silverlake-roller-derby-tattoo-trendy-modern pinup look mind you, we are talking classic wiggle dress- bullet bra- rhinestone jewels- cotton-candy-hair-sprayed hair and all. It was amazing to me what those women went through to look that good. I mean girdles; false lashes and dippity do….it must have taken forever to get ready for an evening out!

In any case I am so glad that in today’s day and age we have the opportunity to choose whatever signature style we like and run with it. And I am sure that Spanx has nothing on those old body armor looking girdles! All of that imprisonment around the rib cage cannot be good. In fact I just ran into a wonderful line that embodies both the ease and chic of French dressing so well that I had to give it props – IRO. Parisian brothers Laurent and Arik Britton launched the line six years ago and though it taken a bit to make it’s way across the pond. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Kate Moss are huge fans.

Fashion plates in Europe have been clamoring over these must- have pieces for years. The brothers describe their clientele as active women who like to have a “look” without giving the impression of “too much” This season everyone went nuts over the Balmain slashed t-shirts but IRO have a much more wallet friendly version that looks one part street punk and one part daytime chic. It pairs well with khaki’s and heels.

The Colav jacket is another hot items, studded and oversized this one speaks to a three killer trends for spring such as wearing white ( as noted in last weeks blog) and of course a little bit of biker-esque feeling to boot.

Of course the little mini skirt is back and if you are a fan the Begued skirt is the perfect heather gray sweatshirt material. Honestly I had a carbon copy of this skirt in the 80’s and wore it with practically everything. Today it works well with heels, flats, a boyfriend blazer or an oversized tee. Pile on a few pieces of vintage jewelry you can go casual or uptown and look appropo.

I also adore these Mishga pants, a silky gray slouchy pant that skims the leg. I can see the editors at French Elle wearing this pair with a fitted vest and killer wedges.

You can check out more on the brand at Select pieces available at

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  1. IRO is one of my favorite collections for Spring Summer 10. The Kilav T-shirt really stands out as do the leather motorcycle jacket and bags. Stylish online boutique has a great selection.

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