A Sweater Affair

It is like an evil trick is being played on me when at the end of August I wake up cozy under my comforter in a chilly room, get up open the shades to see that the grey skies and wet ground matches the feeling inside my little abode, only to find that when I set foot outside wearing my new cardigan that it is still well into the 90s at 8 a.m. Of course watching reality TV filmed in the cool winter months is not helping my obvious delusion.

Nonetheless a girl can still dream, drool, and certainly plan for that glorious day when she can pull that sweater off the hanger and shimmy her way into fabric heaven. So here are the sweaters you need to be buying now, to wear…. very soon (fingers crossed)!

Whenever I read, say, or think of the word sweater the initial image that forms in my mind is thick, soft, and OVERSIZED. I want to make myself a cup of hot beverage (you know, tea, coffee, cocoa) put on a pair of cotton tights and throw on the biggest sweater I can find.

Saks, $340

I am not sure exactly how ACNE knew that this is what ladies wanted (or at least what I wanted), but they sure got it right with this oversized mohair sweater that can go from your couch to dinner with a simple change from cotton to leather leggings.

Sometimes sweaters can tend toward the dull side or at the very least the same ol’ same ol’: you’ve got the navy, black, red, and cream in cable knit, cashmere, turtleneck, and crew neck. But this year designers have decided to move beyond tradition and even beyond different by going with fun.

Net-A-Porter, $410

Markus Lupfer sweaters make us smile with sayings such as “Totes Amaze” and “omg” in sequins. I’m sure these are huge among The Platform fans around the world.

Net-A-Porter, $345

Banjo & Matilda give us our favorite geometric shapes like hearts and stars. J. Crew is selling a similar style.

Net-A-Porter, $175

And Karl Lagerfeld gives us…. Karl of course…. In PVC-sleeved cotton jersey.

In the need for something a bit more dressy? Simply pair it with a skirt. This trend allows you to pair any and all of your favorite sweaters with any and all of your favorite skirts! Check it out:

photo: Savoir Flaire

photo: Chictopia

By Kristianne Young

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