What’s In Your Summer Bag?

In case you didn’t happen to step outside yesterday… it’s hot! And thanks to my weather man of a husband (he’s not really a meteorologist) I have been informed that I can look forward to several 110-degree (plus) days from here on out. After 15 years of living in this sunny state you would think that I would be used to the heat by now, at least that’s what everyone says should happen.

However, I still find myself burning my hands on the hot steering wheel because I forgot to put up my sun visor, going around with no makeup on because it has melted off long before I arrive at my destination….and well you get the picture.

So, to help me avoid these mishaps any longer I have come up with a list of things every woman should have in her bag to survive a sizzling summer!

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After a long day in the sun or even just after your drive home from work your skin may need some re-hydration. Try a face and body mist like La Prairie that works to calm, soothe, and moisturizer sun parched skin. It is refreshing, cooling and makes a great pick me up!

A pair of gloves. This probably seems ridiculous, I mean aren’t we taking about how hot it is outside? Let me take you back three paragraphs where I talk about burning my hands on the searing hot steering wheel. For at least the first 5-10 minutes (until the AC really starts working) a light pair of gloves can be a lifesaver. They are no doubt hard to find this time of year, but websites like Etsy are teeming with unique sets.

A water bottle with a built in filter will ensure that wherever you are if there is a faucet or water fountain near by then you are sure to stay hydrated… and great looking skin is an extra added bonus.

Intelligent Nutrients multi-function aroma spray. These little bottles do wonders: they stimulate your senses and calm your mind,and you can use them as a natural deodorant for the body and hair… No more carrying around a stick of antiperspirant. They smell so wonderful you’ll want to buy every scent.

photo: realbeauty.com

Last but not least, grab your favorite Chapstick or lip balm with SPF. It’s easy to forget that our lips need protecting too.

Oh and remember to always take your purse with you…unless you want hot water, melted lip balm, and boiling mist.

By Kristianne Young

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