Style Editor on SheKnows TV: What to Wear for New Year’s Eve

And the countdown to the end of 2008 begins! I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this year finally go. So let’s celebrate the beginning of a new one in style! On this TV segment, I spoke with Alison Bills, managing editor for, about some of the best things to remember about what to wear for New Year’s Eve. Here, a few of my tips.

  • Be comfortable! It cannot be said enough that nothing is more unattractive than a gal who is constantly tugging on an outfit that’s too short/too tight/too whatever. You’re going to be in this outfit for a pretty long time so make sure you can move around in it, sit, stand, dance and be free!
  • Use fashion tape. A lot of people overlook all the great stylist tools at your disposal. Sometimes an easy fix to a dress that isn’t fitting just right is as easy as some double sided fashion tape. In that same vein, be sure to wear the right undergarments (that hopefully fit correctly too). Nothing should be bunching or make you look overexposed. Hollywood Fashion Tape has a great array of styling products like clear bra straps, underam protectors, and double-sided tape in different shapes.
  • Bring on the glamour! If there was ever a night to show off your glamorous self, New Year’s Eve is it. Whether you’re attending a sophisticated soiree or just a nice dinner, don’t be afraid to wear something fun and glitzy.
  • Winterize. It’s cold out ladies, yes even for AZ. And there are so many other options out there other than a shawl to cover up a nice dress. Think elbow and 3/4 length leather gloves, hats, scarves, tights and coats. Make it an entire part of your outfit for a complete look and to stay warm too.

Looking for places to ring in the New Year? Whether it’s dinner or dancing, be sure to check out our guide here. And remember, be safe in your celebrations and have a Happy New Year!

My outfit: Alice & Olivia black dress and fuschia cashmere cardigan, Scottsdale Jean Company.

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