Should You Sleep in Your Bra?

Just the other day I was having yet another conversation about bras. Now, I know that might seem rather odd but for a stylist it just goes along with the gig. And since I did spend nearly a week doing makeup on The Bra Whisperer Susan Nethero last fall I kind of fancy myself a bit knowledgeable on the subject.

So, my friend who happens to be rather well endowded had heard that wearing your bra to bed may have it’s advantages. Although I happen to be on the other side of the spectrum from my friend, I can say that I have slept in my bra quite often… even if only by mistake on those days when I am too darn tired to even finish dressing or undressing as the case may be.

Well, over on The Frisky, a reader wrote in with practically the same quandry… and Brianna their resident expert was all too happy to come to the rescue. Here’s what she said.

1) Will sleeping with a bra on keep breasts perky longer? 2) I don’t know what to do with all my boobage and need better support. Well, let me be your support group!

Here’s the deal with breast sag: there are no muscles in the breast. The Cooper’s Ligament is what keeps them suspended (aka perky). Over time, gravity and poor support can stretch the ligament beyond repair. Stretched ligament = saggy boobs. If you’re telling me you only wear a bra when you leave the house, then all the time you’re going bra-less, gravity is basically bungee jumping on your Cooper’s Ligament, pulling it down and stretching it out. If you want to keep your girls looking young, then you need to give them support all the time. That doesn’t mean wearing a super tight, annoying bra either—comfort and support are closer than you think.

The first step is to get sized. So many things can contribute to a fluctuating bra size, so it’s always wise to start with a fresh size. Go to a department store or use Freshpair’s easy DIY Bra Size Guide. Since you’re full-busted, there are a few things to keep in mind: wider straps (cuts down on shoulder fatigue), underwire support (with plenty of cushioning) and full coverage (to keep the girls contained). Oh, and comfort, of course. The Panache Superbra is a huge hit. It’s super smooth, so you can wear it anytime, anywhere, even just around the house. If you’re one of those “an underwire ALL the time?” kind of gals, never fear—the support comes from the entire bra, not just the underwire, so don’t worry about discomfort.

As far as sleeping in a bra goes, it may be an old wives’ tale, but we’re not taking any chances. Once you enter Sagsville, there’s no turning back that doesn’t involve a visit to the plastic surgeon. Just pick a bra that’s comfortable, like a compression sports bra, bralette/bandeau or even a bra-top camisole (which is a clever combo of a bra sewn inside a cami). For a sleeping bra, it’s less about support and more about containment, so you can skip out on the underwire if you want.

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