How to Look Like You Stepped Out of a J.Crew Catalog

Understated yet peppy, classy yet casual-cool, who wouldn’t want to look like they just stepped out from the cheerful pages of a J.Crew catalog?

From mastering the perfect half-tuck to discovering the secret to its models’ carefree dewy skin, J.Crew’s head womenswear designer, Tom Mora, spills the brand’s best-kept spring style secrets to Who What Wear.

On how to master the casual-cool half-tuck

“For button-down shirts, choose just one section to tuck into your waistband. For t-shirts, tuck a little deeper into your waistband, and a little further towards the back, so that the tuck is more defined.”

Learn how to cuff your jeans

“It depends on the look you want. For the small cuff, just fold, fold, fold until you reach the length you want. I love the single, wide cuff right now. We’ve been doing this with our Point Sur denim collection, and it’s a really great summer look.”

How to mix prints like an expert

“When mixing prints, it’s a good idea to have something that connects the two patterns, even if it’s a small color that goes between them.”

Daring and unexpected color combinations to try this spring

“Right now, we love the idea of mixing brights or pastels with a chambray blue or camo green.”

How to mix and match bathing suit separates

“It’s much easier to mix solids rather than patterns. Have fun with color mixing, and try to pair it with a natural piquete sandal and a chambray top to neutralize the colors. We have a tool coming out in May for mixing and matching swim online, which will let people play with prints and different combinations.”

And finally, how to get that signature J.Crew glow


“I love the collection of products from RMS Beauty. They have an all-natural product that you can use both on your lips and cheeks. It’s easy, but really pulled together.”

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