How To- Dress for a Spring Party

What a fun night of mingling last night at the Wrigley Mansion. Party goers were out in droves for AFM’s first ever Best of Our Valley soiree’. In attendance was the king of twitter tweeps, cover model and radio guy JohnJay Van Es along with a bevy of other winners from categories that included best Jewelry Designer, Best Fashion Designer, Best Couples (over 30 and under 30) etc. All in all drinks were flowing, cupcakes were devoured, bands were playing and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Of course being the little fashion worker bee that I am I can’t resist the people watching and yes, I admit at times the people watching leads me down the road of critique. And even though I want to stay on the positive side of things (there were many, many in attendance who looked amazing!) I can’t help but add my two styling cents to the pot.

My quandary if you will all relates to the “tube” dress… make that the strapless tube dress, followed by the one shoulder tube dress. I find these most commonly on younger twenty-somethings and dare I say it “cougars”. And though there may have been only a handful, still I just don’t get it. To clarify – the tube dress that I speak of is generally made of lycra, hitting 3-4 inches (or more) above the knee. Often, as mentioned it comes in the form of strapless or one shoulder in an all too tight in many of the wrong places fit. Mostly is is the less expensive cousin to the designer dresses that are cut and created to flatter the female form.

And lest you think that I am drudging down the road of catty here…. I write this as an intervention of sorts to all these darling girls that if dressed in a more fashionable manner might actually be breathtaking.

So ladies the tutorial starts now – First off, if you must buy a snug fitting garment of the lycra variety, please no matter how young and un-giggly you think you are invest in a shaping garment underneath ie:Spanx or any other variety that lifts, pulls or smooths whatever needs to be dealt with.

Next – Please wear the proper undergarments. For dresses that cling so tightly skip the heavily trimmed or lace underwear that leaves a round- the- body- crease in your midsection. A seamless thong like those by commando usually does the trick.

Of course, I feel that there are so many other options available other than the tube, this season Jenni Kayne did a darling collection of mini’s in floaty fabrics that look fresh with plenty of sex appeal. When paired with the right heel these dresses will definitely turn heads and look chic as well.

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