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To be honest, I am not much of a DIYer. I get overwhelmed by the prospect of gathering all of my supplies, potentially forgetting an item, making a mess, and essentially just doing it all wrong. Let’s just say my crafts were never as pretty and tidy as the rest of my classmates.

Thankfully many a fashion and beauty DIY projects require little more than an item or two or three. Here are some TIY projects, that is Try It Yourself projects because it seems to me a better description, no glue guns here.

The Fashion Spot has come up with 15 ways to tie a scarf.

#2 How-To: Wrap the scarf around your neck and make sure both ends are even. Then, tie the scarf just as you would tie any bow. You need a longer scarf for this one.

#9 How-To: Take one end of a wide scarf and place it on your shoulder. Take one corner from the other end and make a little knot on one shoulder. Leave the last corner free to give the triangle look.

#15 How-To: Start with the middle of your scarf on the back of your neck. Loop the ends of the scarf around and back to the front. Tie the two ends together with a simple tie to make the second layer. To learn how to create the other 13 fun looks click here.

There is no doubt about it, the braid is here to stay, and we love it! But we are always looking for something fresh and new… here enters the knot “braid.” It’s easy and you will look fabulous. Cosmopolitan takes us step by step:

1. Starting from the top of the head, part two even pieces of hair from the middle.
2. Tie the two pieces of hair in a classic knot.
3. Part an even amount of hair from the right and left sides using your fingers and bring them to the center
4. Tie another knot the same way you did before by pulling the hair under and over, the same way you’d tie a knot with regular string.
5. Continue this knotting process, working your way down.
6. Loop the remaining hair around your hand and pin the back to the bottom of your head. Be sure to pin it behind the actual braid, so the pin isn’t noticeable.
7. Finish off the look with light-hold hairspray.

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