Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

I have to admit that though I’m suffering from this dreaded allergies-turned-cold illness, which makes me want to crawl under my blankets and enjoy a dungeon-like atmosphere, and though I can’t wait for fall/winter every year because it is finally acceptable to wear my favorite color—black—I am currently craving color. Not just any color, not fall appropriate jewel tones or deep shades of chocolate, but bright, bold colors.

Perhaps many of you are feeling the same way, or have always felt that way about what can turn out to be an extremely drab fall/winter wardrobe. So I decided that I would hunt down the most fabulously colorful pieces…which turned out not to be as hard as I thought.

Exhibit A and my most recent go-to are the eye-popping jacket and blazer. You can throw these over virtually any outfit and you’ll be spreading cheer in the midst of even the coldest of days. Just don’t do what I did and get both in the almost the same color (talk about lack of versatility).

At Nordstrom

Check out this edgy perforated bomber jacket from Kenneth Cole New York. You can go casual or wear with a white button up and black pencil skirt for an uber sexy look!

At Nordstrom

If you are going to go for the gusto try a truly bold bright red blazer. Believe me, you’ll be turning heads from the street to your office.

Not ready to take on the acid green bomber jacket? No worries, the easiest and certainly most trendy way to add color to your wardrobe is with a scarf! Anthropologie has plenty of scarves in the happiest of colors. How serene is this lovely ombre infinity scarf?

My absolute favorite way to spice up an outfit with color is with a brand new handbag… did you catch that? “brand new.” I don’t really need any excuse to buy a new handbag, which makes this Kate Spade beauty even more of a must-have. The Charlotte Street Style bag comes in a plethora of yummy colors. Once you own one, you will want them all!

Time and time again we have talked about colored pants on Style Files, but though we’ve talked about them I think this may be the first time we talk about colored corduroy (as opposed to our beloved cropped pants). 7 For All Mankind has a delicious pair in Amber. Corduroy may be a bit scary for many people, but in a skinny cut and with an oversized chunky knit sweater you’ll feel stylish and comfy!

By Kristianne Young

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