6 Fun Holiday Outfit Ideas

If you are reading this then congrats you have survived the apocalypse! Now you can get back to your holiday outfit planning. Seeing as surviving the end of the world is such a great accomplishment I decided that this year my holiday look was going to be bold. I’m saying goodbye to the LBD,the red lace dress and the velvet. I’ve been planning this outfit for weeks and have come up with a fuchsia shift dress, sheer polka dot tights, flats, a top knot and huge stud earrings.

So this year, I brainstormed a few fabulous but different looks for the holidays.

At J. Crew

Try a bold color. Yes, red is often touted as the boldest of colors, but I mean if everyone else is wearing red then surely your bold blue will stand out in the crowd. Lucky for us, even neon colors are in for winter so grab a neon pink or green dress… You will definitely be bringing joy to the party.


Patterned tights are fun yet chic (just peep Oscar de la Renta’s Pre fall 2013 show). Yes, I went for the not so outrageous polka dots but there are plenty of exciting options out there like the Kate Spade ‘cha cha’ tights… I’ll be honest, I never thought that tights with words on them even existed.

At Nordstrom

Get fancy with the jewelry this year. By fancy, I don’t necessarily mean “fine.” Think great fashion jewelry like your mother, grandmother, and great grandmother wore (perhaps they have provided you with some vintage pieces to choose from). I went with oversized studs, but you can pile on the bracelets, layer the necklaces, or simply a large cocktail ring.

At Net-A-Porter

I decided to let me outfit speak for itself and go with a fairly neutral flat, but if you are into the jewels, the sparkles, the glitter, and the color than why not go for it?


Though clothes, shoes, and accessories are all part of the outfit so are the nails and the hair. Skip the standard manicure, or dark winter colors for an adult worthy glitter polish (a little reminder that shorter nails are always better when it comes to glitter). Some of my favorites are from OPI, Deborah Lippman, and Zoya.


Last but not least, try something new with your hair… of course practice first because sometimes new doesn’t always work. But if you can manage it why not try a braided topknot, or perhaps a knotted plait to hold those curls away from your face.

Whatever you decide for your holiday outfit this year make sure you have fun and that you feel great!

By Kristianne Young

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