6 Basic Bra Rules Every Woman Needs to Know

The bra is often one of the most overlooked and disregarded items in a woman’s closet. As a garment that essentially provides the proverbial under armor to your outfit, a bra that fits well is extremely necessary for support and comfort, as well as providing a base for the clothes that layer over it.

These are six bra rules that every woman should know and keep in mind.


1. Your bra will never be totally comfortable
Since a bra’s primary function is to support your breasts, it should feel snug around your torso. To make sure your bra is doing its job, you should not be able to fit more than two fingers between your back and the bra strap.

2. Always clasp bras
Most of us are guilty of taking off our bra and throwing them in the underwear drawer or hamper. However, you should always clasp your bras because leaving them unclasped allows other garments to get caught on the snaps, which can cause either or both items to stretch out or rip.

3. Invest in more than one good bra
Like panties, you should definitely have more than one bra that you rotate throughout the week.

4. Mind the gore
The gore is the center of the bra that connects the cups. Another way to eyeball whether your bra is fitting correctly is to make sure that the gore is lying flat against your sternum without any gaps.

5. Wash your bras by hand
Though it may be more tedious, hand washing your delicates will make them last longer as opposed to popping them in the dryer.

6. You might be more than one bra size
Keep in mind next time you go bra shopping that your bra size may differ depending on the brand or where you shop.

Source: The Huffington Post

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