5 Cold Weather Must-Haves

With the sudden onset of cooler weather it has become apparent to me, by simply looking around, that cold weather-wear is not a priority in Arizona. I’ve seen everything from layers consisting of a blouse, layered with a cardigan layered with a hoody to tights, socks and sneakers worn with a skirt—yes, I said tights, socks, and sneakers! I don’t mean to sound incredibly snobby here, certainly as I sit here typing this I can’t even recall where most of my cold weather pieces are—or if I have any.

So what can we do about this most dreadful anorak apathy? Well, I propose investing in these five timeless, cold weather staples, and next time it snows in Scottsdale (like it did yesterday) you won’t be wearing a college hoody with your favorite designer shift dress.

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Capelet $358 Nordstrom /Tahari ‘Belle’ Capelet $148 Nordstrom

A cape is the perfect way to stay warm when the occasion calls for formal wear, or at least dressier than normal. The cape’s chic silhouette helps you to avoid the bulky, bundled-up look, and it feels and looks more like an accessory.

Cashmere scarf $98 J.Crew/ Jimmy Choo Selma zebra-print cashmere scarf $595 Net-A-Porter

A cashmere scarf is more than worth the investment. Soft, warm, and it will literally last you forever. Wear it around your neck, learn to chicly wrap it around your head in place of a hoody, or wear it as a shrug. Be sure to get one in a bright color or bold print.

Elsa Coat $725 Kate Spade/ Easton Cropped Peacoat $188 Anthropologie

Wool jackets have been keeping people warm for centuries—they’ve just gotten a lot cuter lately. Whether you want a just-above-the-knee overcoat or a sassy cropped peacoat you’ll be warm and still look put together. You can even get daring with a colored coat—I have both a red knee length and a black peacoat for versatility.

Gucci leather gloves $375 Net-A-Porter

A pair of leather gloves is another cold weather accessory that will be part of your wardrobe for a long time. A good pair of gloves will help to protect your hands from the dry, harsh winter air. Your best choice being a classic tan or black pair enabling you to wear them both with casual and formal looks.

Burberry Geometric-print umbrella $195 Net-A-Porter

An umbrella. Yes, I know that an umbrella is not a piece of clothing nor does it rain very often in this sunny state of ours, but a fashionista must always be prepared. An umbrella doesn’t necessarily mean a navy, nylon monstrosity, as a matter of fact some of our favorite designer brands now make a more stylish umbrella cousin.

By Kristianne Young

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