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4 Fresh Runway Worthy Hairstyles

I’ve noticed the when a New Year starts I have this urge to chop off all of my hair. You know the hair I vowed I would never cut off again. Lately I’ve been indulging in the trendy topknot look to avoid going straight to my stylist and telling her, “I’m ready for a new look.” Because we all know that those words are like music to any hairstylist’s ears…and they will do little to stop you.

When looking for new dos I also look for 1 thing: ease. Here are 4 looks that are straight off the runway that meet my one and only very important requirement.

Accessorized Sleek Pony

Donna Karan Fall 2011 RTW

Get the look:
1. Apply anti-frizz product to wet hair and blow dry with brush
2. Flat iron hair in ½ inch to 1 inch sections to ensure a sleek look
3. Apply a smoothing cream, gel, or pomade to hair depending on hair type and thickness starting at front of hair and moving through crown. Make sure to give attention to hairline.
4. Pull hair back and brush all the way through hair to create a smooth pony
5. Secure hair tightly with elastic tie
6. Tie a crochet hair band around hair to create a similar look or stack embellished hairbands

Twisty-messy bun

Alice + Olive Fall 2011 RTW

Get the look:
1. Part dry hair down the middle
2. Twist each side of hair starting at front adding more hair while twisting down toward nape
3. Secure ends of hair in mess bun and spray with hairspray

Tucked Ponytail

Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 RTW

Get the look:
1. Come hair into a low ponytail
2. Take hair and pull all the way through elastic tie twice
3. On third wrap only pull hair partially through elastic band leaving about 2 to 3 inches of hair
4. Use the end of the hair that is not tucked to wrap around hair tie and secure with bobby pins
5. You can also do this with two low ponytails for a look similar to the picture shown

Side swept half-up-half-down

Rodarte Fall 2011 RTW

Get the look:
1. Apply wave spray to wet hair and blow dry hair on low setting
2. Create a deep part and sweep hair to the side in same direction as part and pin if necessary
3. Section two, 1-inch sections of hair on each side and loosely secure with hair tie or bobby pins
4. Style bangs or hair as desired and pin if necessary
5. Finish with hairspray

By Kristianne Young


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