Spanx Slimming Swim Suits

I remember several years ago working on a fashion spread for AFM with some very well known women in the community and during a fitting one day a particularly darling woman extolled the virtues of Spanx telling me “they will change your life”. Up to that point I was still sporting a size two with no need for a control top. It was only years later that I ventured into the world of slimming undergarments. And yes, when you are wearing a clingy dress or anything form fitting…they will change your life!

Over the last few years Spanx have expanded their goods from dozens of styles to a maternity line and last year Spanx expanded into slimming swimwear. And just as the original Spanx is, the swimwear is like a gift that keeps on giving. You won’t believe how fabulous these suits will make you look and feel!

Just as with Spanx undergarments you are paying for that super slimming technology and a stretch shaping power mesh liner that slims and controls the tummy area, the love handles and the dreaded back fat. All of the suits have a full coverage bottoms which to some may sound tragic but to others it’s a godsend! And the best part the bottom separates also have built in liners to help conceal tummy bulge. Just the thought of not worrying about sit ups before slipping on a bathing suit is enough to sell me!

Over all Spanx does a pretty good job of keeping styles current including one-shoulder styles and deep V plunge necklines. Now don’t get me wrong anyone looking for a skimpy super sexy suit won’t find it here, but if you want something flattering that you can feel confident in… Spanx is for you.

Last year the line was fairly edited but this year the collection of items include 25 pieces. For 2011 Spanx also listened to their customers and now the size range goes up to 18
The colors range from olive, to deep blue, teal and magenta and of course the requisite black.

The suits feature trimming like ruffles to also help give the illusion of a slimmer figure and even better they offer four cover-ups for those moments that go beyond lounging.

Two things to know, Spanx suits go very fast… so once you find the one you want don’t procrastinate. And on a separate Spanx note never wear your Spanx bodyslimmers to the airport… on a recent trip I found out that the body slimmers contain lead threads which don’t mix well with x-ray machines…

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