Spanx Haute Contour Line

Oh Spanx. How the line has changed the lives of so many! For nearly 8 years, Sarah Blakely has developed the best in hoisery, shapewear, tights, etc. to fit, flatter and make every gal look her best in all her clothing. Celebrities are obsessed. In fact, women everywhere are obsessed and the lines has continued to expand and deliver more goods we can all be excited for. Recently, Blakely launched a bra, cami and apparel line to compliment her hoisery collection. But it’s her new Haute Contour collection that’s on everybody’s lips.

Nevermind the personal trainers, chefs and fad diets, Spanx are the true secret weapon for any A-lister. But aesthetically pleasing? Well? We’ve all seen pantyhose….Until the Haute Contour collection that is. Blakely calls it “The Dessert of Shapewear,” aptly named since the slimming shapewear is effective yet sexy too.

The collection uses shaping lace and shaping mesh for an indulgence that’s slimming, supportive and sultry too.

Fabrics used include super soft shaping microfiber that smoothes the hips, thighs and bottom; scalloped shaping-power-lace that looks super sexy and also has an additional layer of power mesh that supports, smoothes and contours the body; and shaping-power-lace camisoles that feature a microfiber panel for additional support and coverage.

Here’s a peek at some of the pieces in the Haute Contour line:


Have you ever seen a camisole this sexy? This Spanx Couture Camisole features scalloped-shaping-power-lace that slims the torso and flattens the tummy. It also comes in a nude-color and the front shaping microfiber panel provides extra support and coverage too. $198.


This Spanx Luscious Lace Mid-Thigh Shaper is far from any Grandmaesque thigh shaper. It’s available in grey and a nude-blush tone too and features silk microfiber that smoothes the hips, thighs and bottom and the scalloped-shaping lace with additional mesh that smoothes and flattens the hip and stomach area. $128.


It’s obvious Spanx is designed by women for women with this Spanx Alluring V-neck Camisole. For any V-neck dress, this is the perfect tool to slim and support. The reinforced front microfiber panel shapes and supports the stomach and waist area. It’s also available in black and gray. $138.


This Spanx Peek-a-Boo camisole is undoubtedly sexy. With the right dress, it’d be ok to show some of it. The straps are soft and adjustable, the scalloped-shaping-power-lace supports the bust and the silky microfiber slims the torso and stomach.  There’s even bonded tape at the top of the camisole so it’s held right in place. $128.

Available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and

  1. FInally! I love my Spanx tights for winter dresses but they really are not very attractive by themselves!

  2. I’ve heard allot about Spanx, I’ll definitely be indulging in an item or two for the next formal event I venture to.

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