Sioloonim: The New White Shirt


Rivaling the little black dress, there’s not much that’s more classic than the ultimate white shirt. This spring, Sioloonim is debuting their first collection, a line entirely of women’s high-end white blouses. Longtime friends and business partners, Lois Rosenthal and Minoo Hersini founded the company together and believe it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and to follow your dreams. The two grandmothers are a shining example of this themselves and the line’s name is a reflection of them both:  The names Lois and Minoo spelled backwards. And just as the white shirt is a lifelong staple, it is also a reflection of Rosenthal and Minoo’s lifelong friendship. “Our collection is a message to all women that it’s never too late . Do what you love and be proud of it,” Minoo said.


It’s undeniable the versatility of the white shirt, from day-to-night wear it’s an indispensable wardrobe item. Sioloonim’s line harnesses and cultivates this necessity by providing the ultimate collection of hand-crafted white shirts that’s luxurious, simple and classic. The line is manufactured in Florence, Italy and uses high-quality organic fabrics such as silk, organza, and bamboo culled from Switzerland, Italy and Japan. And, the duo had practicality on the mind as each shirt comes with a protective face mask to prevent it from unsightly makeup marks that happen when dressing.


Creative director Minoo Ersini designs each blouse from her own personal inspiration and incorporates asymettrical lines, intricate details, interesting cutouts and  elements like flowers that are prim and sophisticated.


The collection, which debuted during LA Fashion Week atop The Chamberlain West Hollywood, wowed editors and buyers alike.

Stay tuned for the Fall 2009 collection as the duo will expand the line to include pieces for both men and children, and accessories as well.

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